Saturday, 7 July 2018

Nayu's News #242 Sean Penn Wrote a Book

This post had the possibility to be a paid feature one, but it isn't because I generally don't do that and am happy discussing the issue with you. Waiting in my email box I get the usual requests for book reviews, as well as other requests. Some are spam, wanting me to buy things I've no interest in. Quite a few are for music and theatre – not quite sure why because I don't review anything music related, I'm simply not interested in a lot of music (unless it's vocaloid, game, or anime based, that's a different matter) Some are for various toys that are coming out which I say no to as they don't interest me. Then there's the other type of emails which catch my eye, like this one did.
When approached for reviews I usually get told upfront what needs reviewing, sometimes they don't, like this one. When I asked about the company, I was given the info, and it intrigued me. Sean Penn, a famous actor who I vaguely knew existed but have no clue which films he has participated in, has written a book Bob Honey Who Just DoStuff (link takes you to GoodReads). I had a look at the book, with the intention to read it but from what I've seen online it gets quite explicit, which I'd rather not read. However, the whole reason I'm feature the book is because through my research it turns out I share quite a few similar views to Sean which was unexpected. I'm not saying which views because they are ones that so many people are divided on and I try to stay away from politics on my blogs.

Now if you look online there have been a fair few negative reviews about this book, but I want to ask that you don't judge a book by what other people say, and check it out for yourself. I didn't expect to have much in common with Sean, but it turns out that preconception was incorrect, based on the research I did. My point for talking about the book is not to judge anything or anyone based on what other people say. Everyone's experience is different, and while I believe there are a fair few things in the book that I've no interest in, equally in the research I did without reading the book I discovered surprising elements of common ground.

I live in a nice little bubble, with no clue about who the latest celebrities and films are (apart from the newest Jurassic Park movie which I want to see when it's out on DVD and the Jumanji movie). I have no idea who is dating who, what gossip is spread about celebrities, anything like that. I've simply no interest, I prefer gaming news! And yet I've found it very interesting to research Sean Penn, and urge you to step out of your comfort zone/own bubble world and research either Sean and/or another person in the public eye who you don't think you share anything in common with - you'll probably be surprised by what you find! 

Find out more about Sean on Wikipedia (Most of this info will be accurate) 

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