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Book launch with guest blog post: Belle Cat: Whiskers On My Mat by Patricia Furstenburg (Non-fiction, Poetry)

17th May 2018, 35 pages, Ebook and Paperback,

If you're thinking you recognise the title of this book, you would be correct - it's about my beloved cat Belle! I know Patricia on Twitter, and a while ago she said she'd like to write a book all about Belle, a rescued tortoiseshell cat who I chat about on my blogs and on Twitter. The cat in question didn't object and neither did I, her slave. Here's all the info about the book, including a guest blog post written mostly by Patricia with some additions from me. It includes full colour photos of the much loved pet who has a severe attitude problem but can get away with murder because she's so adorable (rescue cats need extra love so can (almost) do no wrong).
This was taken a while ago but you can see her attitude radiating from her ears!

Belle Cat will be available for free on Amazon US & UK during a blog tour I'm taking part in with Patricia, Good as Gold from 21st to 25th May!

Book summary
When a stray cat, lost and hurt, is given a second chance she grabs it with all of her... paws!
Based on a true love story between a cat and her human, told with compassion and humor.
Insightful images of the real cat Belle are included to support this poem.
Additional fun, educational chapters:
"Did you know? Fun-tastic cat facts" - Interesting cat facts for young and old.
"Say what? What is a cat's tail saying?" - Understand the secret language cats and kittens use by moving their tails
"How to... Tracking pet cats" - Just like the big cats, house cats leave footprints everywhere! Be a pet detective in your own back yard.

Useful info 
You can find out more on Patricia's website and follow Patricia on Twitter

Guest blog post by Patricia featuring Nayu

Rain slashing the windscreen, the roads is covered in a film of water and the cars’ lights look like dancing Christmas lights. Pedestrians crouch underneath dripping umbrellas, their eyes cast on the puddles that seem to be growing at their feet. No one notices the cat, fur plastered to her slim frame, jumping from one brick to the next. She, too, tries to stay out of the wet patches. The pitter patter of rain fills everybody’s ears. No one hears the thud and the tires swerving. 

What would you do if you would find an injured cat? But what would you do if you’re told she never stands a chance to recover, or that she will recover partially, only to be left with health problems later on, would you still adopt her?

A girl said yes. A girl adopted a badly injured cat. 

I met Nayu on Twitter, where the most amazing community of book lovers, both readers and writers, “lives”.
Nayu told me about Belle’s medical history.

Nayu: She's a rescue cat, she was found in a shed when she was young by builders: she had a broken leg, broken pelvis, and a gash - the animal rescue centre didn't think she'd ever be adopted because of her injuries, which while fixed would mean she'd have a bit of an issue walking in the future She can tear around the house just fine, think it might be as she gets older that issues may happen. She tends to stick her dodgy leg out; I guess that's more comfortable for her.

Pat: Belle sounds so happy and well-adjusted right now. How long ago she had her accident?

Nayu: She is now about 9 years old, so about 8, 8 and a half.

Pat: What Belle’s daily routine now, what are her “favourite things”?

Nayu: She loves me and my family lots, enjoying different activities with each person (not always the same, for example she has a tendency to give playful bites to only one of us), loves her food which she gulps down so we have to give each meal in 2 parts to reduce the possibility of her being ill… She loves going on my bed when I'm making it, if she's on the bed with me, whenever I get up I can almost guarantee she will steal my place from me. 

For a few days she had new trick of preferring to sit on me whenever I eat lunch and breakfast which is sweet but it made  eating the meal that bit harder (holding the plate away from her while stroking her at the same time). She loves her tummy being tickled, she adores treats of cream, rice pudding, and roasted meat, has been known to try and steal a bit of chicken in the kitchen. Another new past time of hers is to try and catch the fish in the fish tank - through the glass...

Pat: Belle is one busy cat! She sounds adorable! Does she enjoy the outdoors?

Nayu: Very much. She doesn't stray far from our garden, thankfully. In winter she avoids going out unless she has to, but in summer she can spend hours sitting in the garden, making nearby birds nervous. She does seem to dislikes strangers, especially men and children, always fleeing under a bed whenever anyone comes in the house.

Pat: How can readers and cat lovers find out more about Belle and see more of her pictures?

Nayu: I post regular updates on my blog and on my Twitter account, @Nayuleska

Pat: Nayu, you do know that I am a dog person; most of my books are about canines! Belle’s story moved me. I would like to write a poem about her. I think we need more stories about second chances, about care and compassion. In the wilderness, friendships can blossom between the most diverse reeds of animals, a cheetah and a dog, an elephant and a sheep, even a lion and a dog! I think we, as humans, have a lot to learn from the animal kingdom about prejudice and compassion and Belle’s story is a heartwarming example!

“Belle Cat, whiskers  on my mat” is Belle’s happy-ending story.


Pat Gert Furstenberg said...

Dear Nayu and Belle :)

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity :)
I learned so much during the time I wrote Belle's book, mostly about cats but also about second chances.
Belle's story is an inspiration and I fell privileged to be given the opportunity to write about it!

With happy waves from sunny South Africa,
Pat xx

Nayuleska said...

It was my pleasure! I love chatting about my favourite cat, it must have been weird learning so much when you know a lot about dogs. Thank you :)

Pat Gert Furstenberg said...

I linked this post to my author blog: