Friday, 26 May 2017

Vets at Green Hope by Sheila Norton (Romance, Contemporary, 10E/10E)

1st June 2017, Ebury Press, 336 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Content: romance of mostly sweet nature, pregnancy, cranky people, lots of humour

Summary from Penguin
Sam has always dreamed of working with animals...

But her receptionist job in a London vets is not hitting the spot. Unsure whether a busy city life is for her, she flees to her Nana Peggy’s idyllic country village.

But despite the rolling hills and its charming feel, life in Hope Green is far from peaceful. On first meeting Joe, the abrupt and bad-tempered local vet, Sam knows she must get him on side, but that is easier said than done...

With her dream close enough to touch, will she get there, or will events conspire against her...

Nayu's thoughts 
This is the type of read I enjoy, with Sam wanting to start afresh and discovering life in her grandmother's village. I had no idea that beyond the first chapter title lay a mega plot twist that isn't hinted at in the book summary - a plot twist which ups the stakes in Sam's journey of self-discovery. I was happy with the decision she ended up making and cheered her on with each new friend (and enemy) that she made. 

There's the usual instances of people misunderstanding each other, Sam being in the wrong place at the wrong time and giving the wrong impression, and lots of times where she is at the right place at the right time - the pig farm incident can be put in both categories!!! Her grandmother is sweet and funny, enjoying Sam's company and not giving advice unless Sam asks for it (along with a phrase that kept making me laugh) and I liked the firm friends who Sam makes, as they genuinely want her to be welcome in the village, and help her in any way that they can. Sam reciprocates the friendship which will help her make her final decision about her life.

From the summary I assumed that Sam would be staying in the village for all the novel, but it takes quite some time and a lot of events to pass before that happens. However I was still hooked on her story regardless of where she was. As the for the plot surrounding Joe...this is where a big plot twist happened that I didn't expect. This type of book usually has a set pattern to the romance, but that was not the case for Joe and Sam, which made a refreshing change. As usual for this type of book her ex boyfriend is a royal idiot (not literally royal, thankfully) and I hated him with quite a passion. No one should have to put up with what he does, which thankfully Sam realises. 

As for the animals...there are lots of them, creating both chaos and love in equal measure.  I cheered for the way Sam dealt with Ebony, as it's exactly what I'd have done if I was in the same situation. Cats always have a special place in my heart, just as this book will have a place on my reread shelf! 

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