Thursday, 6 April 2017

Room Empty by Sarah Mussi (Young Adult, 10/10E)

 6th April 2017, Rock the Boat, 304 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Content: drug mention, addiction, physical abuse, emotional abuse, 

Summary from Rock the Boat 
 Fletcher and Dani are fighting their own inner demons just to stay alive. 

Dani is ravaged by anorexia and hasn’t eaten for days. Fletcher is fighting to stay off the streets and to stay off drugs. Will their attraction to each other save or destroy them?

Both patients at the Daisy Bank Rehab Centre, Fletcher wants to help Dani find out about the Room Empty at the heart of her pain: What happened to Dani in that room when she was four? Whose is the dead body that lies across the door? Why won’t her mind let her remember?

Nayu's thoughts 
When I read a blurb I form an idea of what I think the story will be like. I knew Dani's story would be tough, I just underestimated how heart wrenching it is. When she remembers more about her childhood I wanted to curl up and cry for what she went through. It's awful. No wonder she ended up with anorexia, it all makes sense. I can't give details as that's the whole point of the book. 

I oddly like eating disorder stories, I guess because the twisted logic of a sufferer is fascinating. I was surprised that more wasn't done to get her eating more at the rehab centre-I thought she would be forced to eat or be given a feeding tube (which happened in another anorexia tale I read recently). It seems like Dani isn't being pushed in rehab, but then I think Dani leaves stuff out and since we only get her view (and sometimes Fletcher's) I don't see the parts I wanted to. I see a lot of heartache and soul destroying convictions that made me tear up when Dani finally faces her demons. 

It's a hard hitting read, and I don't know if I will reread it because I take these kind of books to heart too much. I'm glad I read it, as it's a reminder when life gets tough that there are worse struggles in the world. All we can do is take life a step at a time - not necessarily the 12 steps Dani takes, but with support like she initially had Fletcher we can get through anything. 

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