Saturday, 15 April 2017

Nayu's News #231 Countdown time!

Tick, tock!
At the time of writing this (Friday) I was on a review schedule spree to tide me over while I'm in la la land (taking/took my lovely strong ketamine for pain medication Friday lunch), plus when I'm up in Norfolk! Yes, a week today I'll be driving across the country to visit a friend I haven't seen for 4 years. We are both super excited, which I suspect will get me through the super long drive. It's worth the immense fatigue for several days after (which may not fully kick in until I'm back home). Plus according to the internet is only 40 miles further than my friend in Devon, which comparatively isn't that much further. 
"Really?" Yes, really! Haven't used this pic for a while!
Over the next few days while residing in la la land I hope to game a lot and read a lot. Whether that happens is a different matter as I have to go by how my body feels. Gaming will happen more when I'm at the climbing the walls stage - I so wish I was joking, but there's a reason drugs are illegal unless prescribed through a specialist, the negative side effects are unpleasant! 
Will be playing & watching a lot of Aikatsu! because it's one of my top anime shows! Next episode will be meeting Madoka (& Rin) who has adorable pink hair & is the Angely Sugar designer's grandaughter (one of the cute clothing brands).Aikatsu! Always makes me smile & feel better!

I hope you all have a super bank holiday weekend if you're in England! & a pleasant normal weekend if you're elsewhere.  

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