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Rugby Runner by Gerard Siggins (Young Adult, 10E/10E)

Great story for sporty people, boys, and girls who are neither of the latter.
 February 2017, O'Brien Press,  208 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Summary from O'Brien Press
Eoin Madden is captain of the Junior Cup team, training with Leinster and aiming for Ireland's Under 16 World Cup team. He also has to deal with grumpy friends, teachers piling on the homework – AND a ghost on a mission that goes back to the very origins of the game of rugby. 
Books, crooks and rucks - it’s all to play for this term!

Nayu's thoughts
This is for those who love rugby like Eoin does, and those who take notice of it like me. The power of Gerard's writing to get a distinctly non sporty person like myself enjoying what is a thriller filled tale is evident in this latest installment in the rugby series. I still have no clue what a conversion is, and don't care to know. Yes there is a lot of rugby talk and tactics but I ignored that. I've read a few of the other books in the series & enjoyed them, but for some reason I can't find the reviews - sorry!

I love the team spirit (and lack of) that Eoin encounters as he dives deeper into the world of professional rugby. He finds it a bit of a challenge, which had him digging deep to carry on despite having his confidence knocked when he thought he'd done well. I loved the boarding school commaraderie, the strict lifestyle rules Eoin has to abide by. It was hard when he had issues with his best friend, who was being a prime example of an idiot. Eoin had to deal with arrogant so and sos who think they are the best because of their connections. Then there are the ghosts who in part are why Eoin gets into trouble, but also help him do what's right. 

I enjoyed the fact that another occupation is open to Eoin if he doesn't go pro at rugby. It's exciting being part of a police operation!! Also boring, and the repercussions aren't good for Eoin, but he pulls through and I'm proud of what he did, thanks to some ghosts who are the opposite of scary. 

I think it's possible to read any book in the series without reading the rest, as previous info is woven in the start - I have memory issues so these help remind me of previous adventures. It's going straight to my reread shelf!

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