Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Nayu's News #230 Back on the road!

Off again...probably an accurate amount of luggage I'm taking with me!
Hi if you've been redirected from my craft blog Nayu's Crochet Dreams - I felt like having an update post with cute anime pictures sprinkled in, which isn't my main style on NCD. Thanks for coming over to check out where I'm heading next!

Some things are better said in person than on the phone. Sady no fire at my friend's house (or mine for that matter!)
This weekend I'm heading back to Devon! I hadn't planned to go see my friend again until late May, but she's going through some stuff and I promised to go down to keep her company as soon as I could. It will be a few days filled with dvds, hot chocolate, and lots of chatting. 

Always miss Belle heaps when I have to leave her.

My cat won't be happy that I'm away but her sulks are both legendary and hilarious, so I'll enjoy hearing how much of a mood she's in from my family. I can tell Spring is here because she's starting to stay out later at night, and not sleeping with me. Having her be by my side is a plus side to my least favourite season, Winter. 

Baking is fun!
This extra trip was only decided in the last few days, so I've had to reschedule what I'm doing before I go. Normally I like to pre-schedule a whole load of posts for you, but I need to make some fairy cakes before I go so need to rest as much as I can tomorrow and Friday. Baking takes it out of me which isn't ideal before a big tirp. I'll try and do my usual single picture posts to keep you occupied! As always I'll be available on Twitter as @Nayuleska so keep an eye out for updates there!

Thank you for whichever blog/(s) of mine you read - I hope you keep on enjoying yourselves! See you when I get back ^o^ 

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