Sunday, 26 February 2017

Monty the Sad Puppy by Holly Webb and Sophy Williams (Children's, 5 years +, 10E/10E)

  January 2017, Stripes Publishing, 128 pages, Paperback, Review copy
Summary from Little Tiger Press
Amelie has always loved dogs, but she never dreamed that she’d end up with two of them! Their puppy, Monty, has only been with them for a few months when her family offer to take in her grandad’s beloved Daisy as he has to go into a care home. Amelie promises Grandad they will look after the old dachshund brilliantly. But when Daisy arrives, she is obviously unhappy and scared. 

Meanwhile, Monty doesn’t understand why there is another dog in his house. And with Amelie making such a fuss over the new arrival, he soon starts to feel very unwanted. Doesn’t Amelie care about him any more?

Nayu's thoughts 
Another fantastic cute animal tale from one of my favourite authors sees Amelie end up with her grandfather's dog while he is in hospital. I liked how it dealt with the ideal of a current pet getting used to another living with them (they will play all of the time, have fun with Amelie) and the actuality of introducing to sort of strange dogs. 

While Monty and Daisy had met before and got on well, the big difference is that Amelie's grandfather isn't with them. Daisy's normal routine is turned upside down, and Monty also has a lot to adjust to. Amelie goes through a lot of emotions which are part of being a pet owner and coping with the fact that her grandfather isn't his usual self. As ever Holly weaves all these emotions and aspects of life seamlessly into a charming story which is going straight to my reread shelf! 

Find out more on Holly's website.  

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