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Giant by Kate Scott (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

 9th February 2017, Piccadilly Press, 192 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Book Summary
Anzo is 11 years old and very, very short. Mum, Dad and his two uncles are extremely tall but they're also high achievers, obsessed with fulfilling their lifelong ambition of opening a restaurant together. Everyone has a role - chef, DIY, marketing, accounts - but where does Anzo fit in? If only he could grow a few inches in height, then no one would be able to overlook him. Josh would stop teasing Anzo in school, he wouldn't have to play all seven dwarfs in the school play, and at home he could tell his parents about his drawing and the comic convention he's been invited to.

Then, overnight, Anzo starts to grow. Is life as a giant going to solve all his problems, or should he stop worrying and learn to just be himself?

Nayu's thoughts 
Brilliant doesn't go far enough in explainimg how epic this latest book by Kate is. I loved the hilarity of her previous spy series which touched on serious subjects, but what Anzo goes through is on another level entirely. Through Anzo's height issues Kate introduces to readers to positive thinking and various techniques to help instill confidence in yourself. It didn't exactly matter that Anzo had zero confidence because he had Elise. 

Everyone shoukd have an Elise to get them through life. She knows a lot thanks to her career interests, pushes Anzo to his limits, helps him by pushing him off metaphorical cliffs, and yet is human because occasionally she makes a mistake in her grand plan which makes Anzo feel dreadful. 

I'm fairly sure every reader will be able to relate to at least 1 of Anzo's many issues. I loved how he felt after he conquered his fears. I loved how Elise was there with encouraging comments, or the opposite which were also inspiring in their own way. She is one stubborn girl! Anzo suffers thanks to the class bully, but it's Elise who help him see how to endure the name calling, that one day he will be acknowledged for being himself, and when he is you may need tissues. 

I felt sorry for him because it's hard having a passion which no one else you know (or at least in your family) understands why it's so amazing to you. When I was growing up few liked the video games I liked (RPGs & I'm talking about girls). When I made it to 6th form I found a friend because she had Final Fantasy 7 pictures covering her folder, a game I currently loved then and still love now. We started chatting and that was the start of our friendship, which stand strong today. I still have my folders that I decorated from then. 

My point is that the joy Anzo felt from being among so many passionate cartoon creators and fans is relatable. When you like somethig that's a bit of niche area you can feel alone. I don't anymore thanks to 'meeting' people on Twjtter who adore the same anime I do. The feeling is hard to describe but Kate does a great job of it. Personally every adult should read this uplifting read becauses it's inspirational, amd no matter how old you are or aren't, just like with Anzo's height everyone benefits from a confidence boost. I hope Anzo and Elise get another adventure together! 
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