Monday, 28 November 2016

What are YOU reading? #335

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.

Image result for Wee Gallery Farm and Hush... Little Bear Is SleepingImage result for Wee Gallery Farm and Hush... Little Bear Is Sleeping
Wee Gallery: Farm and Hush... Little Bear Is Sleeping
Children's, Picture book, Board book
(This ace series comes with noise!)

Somehow haven't listened to much this week...


Image result for Pretty Little Liars:  Season 4
Pretty Little Liars:  Season 4
Teen drama/Psychological, English version
(The twists keep coming as the girls dig deeper into their friend's murder – think Aria is currently an idiot for what she's doing but hey, maybe she will be ok!)

Image result for Winx Club: Season 6
Winx Club: Season 6
Magical Girl anime, French version
(Currently on episodes I've already seen but that doesn't make it any less exciting – the fairies have Mythix powers now!!)

Image result for Gilmore Girls specials: Season 8
Gilmore Girls specials: Season 8
Comedy, English version
(The show ends beautifully, I'm so glad I saved the end of season 7 until the day I started this short season 8!)

Image result for H20:  Mermaid Adventures
H20:  Mermaid Adventures
Anime, Mermaid anime, English version
(This is a fun anime based on the human drama series H20 just add water, very loosely based and aimed at a younger audience...)

I've managed to make a few coasters this week...but not much else.  I've been gaming loads while resting, with Animal Crossing New Leaf excitement being that it's nearly snow time (1st December!!!!) and I've got most of the harvest range furniture: I only figured a few days ago that this seasonal set is related to Thanksgiving. I just love that it's purple!

I'm still playing lots on Love Live School Idol Festival, and while I didn't rank high enough to get both Srs in the latest English event, I managed to get Hanamaru...

...and after being annoyed with a special ticket getting me a rare I drew a single ticket and got an Aqours SSR card, Yohane! Who I idolized (upgraded) when I got another SSR which I didn't like.

As for the other game..well, you see the latest Aikatsu game was made available this week! I'd downloaded it at the weekend, but was unable to play until it was released a day earlier than I'd expected. It's everything I could imagine and more. I promise to do a review of it soon, as it's epic. Yes it's Aikatsu Stars! My Special Appeal which is about the the spin off anime Aikatsu Stars!, but it takes the elements I like in previous games and makes it magical. 

 The use of glitter (think special elements used to change clothes colour/style/shape) adds much to the gameplay. More on this very soon! I love playing with Lily, Lola, and all the other characters!

Partial, as I'm not comfortable with the full bikini pic on the site...

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