Monday, 26 September 2016

What are YOU reading? #328

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.


Little People, Big Dreams: Coco Chanel
Children's, Non-fiction
(A biography of a great fashion designer...) 

The Great Sock Secret by Susan Whelan and Gwynneth Jones
Children's, Picture book
(A story about the magic behind missing socks!)

What Could It Be? By Sally Fawcett
Children's, Picture book
(An introduction to basic shapes that make up our world...)  

First Day At Bug School by Sam Lloyd
Children's, Picture book
(There are hardly any worms in this first day at school tale!)  

Watch Out For Muddy Puddles by Ben Faulks and Ben Cort
Children's, Picture book
(A puddle isn't just a bit of water...)  

Dance With Me by Penny Harrison and Gwynneth Jones
Children's, Picture book
(This is an adorable girly read!)


Love Live School Idol Project music videos
Japanese version
(I'm somewhat obsessed with the show & game so this listen isn't a surprise...)

Aikatsu Stars music
Japanese version
(...with favourites being Start Line and Heart Skips!)


Love Live School Idol Festival
School + Music idol + Slice of Life anime, Japanese version
 (It's so cool seeing the outfits which I'm slowly collecting in the game!)

Once Upon A Time: Season 4
Fantasy drama, English version
(The snow queen is no more, and poor Belle has had a horrid revelation about her husband aka Rumplestiltskin!)

The Great British Bake Off
Food show, English version
(So sad that this will be the last episode I watch as it is being moved to a non BBC channel [with 3 of of the 4 presenters quitting]. So very sad. This week saw great fun had with pastry! & not so great fun too.)

This week so some growth of my Coffee and Cream Dreams crochet blanket, it's so big that a row or two isn't necessarily obvious at first glance.

There was no cooking this week, and not a lot of other things as I've been obsessed with playing Love Live School Idol Festival rhythm game. This is the 3rd mention of it in this meme! Desperately trying to place high enough in an event to get some cool cards. I managed to snap a few fun cards up...


Animal Crossing: New Leaf saw a lot of tending while one family member is away. Nothing new of note – though I do like my sweet looking house and one of my sub characters, who I created simply so I can have more storage space for everything I buy!

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