Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Painted Dreams by Dr. Jo Hannah Mechergui (Non-Fiction, Spiritual, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

July 2015, Xilbris, 164 pages, Ebook, Review copy 

Summary from Xilbris
This book was written to demonstrate acts of faith and the lessons that I learned in life that renewed my faith and made me stronger spiritually. All things are possible with prayer. Praying allows us to get in contact with our higher being and renewing our faith. This book is filled with short stories that provided spiritual guidance that strengthen the writer's spirit. I hope that it provide some spirit guidance to the readers. Allowing the spirit to guide me has changed my life. It has improved my physical being, restored relationships, improved my financial status, profound peace of mind, and given me confidence and courage to reach my highest potential in God's will. Painted Dreams has given color to my prayers. It gives a visual picture to prayers that only God can paint. This picture helps to strengthen our faith and make us stronger spiritually. Let God continued to bless my readers and myself and provide us with divine spiritual guidance. 

Nayu's thoughts
This is a great book encouraging connecting with God/the universe regardless of what religion you are. While the book has a lot of bible references and the author is Christian, I gained a lot from reading it. Being an Abrahamic faith (Muslim) means there are a lot similarities in ideologies. There are lots of quotes that are uplifting, and each chapter is only a few pages long, using true life stories mostly from the author's own experience to explain concepts. 

There is an emphasis on hope, and that the more we open our hearts to God/the universe, the easier it becomes to deal with life. Bible quotes are used at the end of most chapters, but having read similar style Islamic books I recognised areas that are covered in the Quran. 

Equally if you aren't religious I think you can benefit from the advice and suggestions in this book. There's little to be gained by harbouring anger and hatred for someone, as it then impacts negatively on your life. Listening to your heart, that inner voice/instinct when others disagree with you is important to know and do. I definitely will be referring back to this gem of a read, and recommend it if you are looking for some support during life. We are always learning, and spiritual matters are closely linked with phyaical ones. I hope to review more books like this!

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