Wednesday, 31 August 2016

New edition ofThe Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams and Sarah Massini (Children's, Picture book, 5 years +, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

1st September 2016, Nosy Crow, 64 pages, Hardback, Review copy 

Summary from Nosy Crow
When the Velveteen Rabbit first arrives in the nursery, he’s snubbed by the other toys. But the Rabbit soon makes friends with the Skin Horse who explains how toys can become ‘real’,if only they are loved enough. But when Boy is ill with Scarlet Fever, and Rabbit is thrownaway, Rabbit finally discovers what it truly means to be real.

Nayu's thoughts 
Finally I get to read this famous tale which is also a film! I'd heard about it in other books, where characters had read it at some point in their life, but I had no idea what it involved other than a rabbit. I was heartbroken when the rabbit gets separated by what seems a permanent situation, as poor rabbit deserved so much better. I guess they didn't have washing machines back then which would have solved the germ problem. It has a happy ending, with magic and one of the cutest fairies I've ever seen. 

The illustrations suit the age of the tale which feels timeless. It took a little work to read the book, as the sample I had was only a few pages, and a qr code which would provide the full story. I didn't have a qr reader, so had to download 1 on my tablet then read it. Due to space issues I read it online so had to refresh every few pages, but from the sample I know the finished book is going to be stunning and treasured by all who read it. It reminds me a little of the nutcracker, maybe that was written around the same time too. It didn't get full marks just because while it's a great story it doesn't have that something extra. 

Edited 15th September 2016: I've since received the hardback of the book, and it's gorgeous! Take off the dust cover and look in awe at the sheer beauty of the cover. So pretty! 

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