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Through Infinity by Libby Austin (Romance, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

I adore the cute cover!
 November 2014, Infinity and Beyond Publishing, 342 pages, Ebook, Review copy from NetGalley

Content: adult romance

Book summary 
Candice and Jason Woodruff had everything going for them: a strong marriage, the family they’d dreamed of, and successful businesses. When they made their wedding vows, they promised to love each other through infinity and beyond…but Candice doesn’t remember making that vow. Candice doesn’t remember the last eighteen years. After a medical emergency, Candice awakens to find herself a married mother of four. She’s surrounded by a loving family of strangers, but Candice struggles to claim an identity while learning to be a wife and mother. Candice is no longer the same woman Jason fell in love with all those years ago. Can they learn to love each other in this new reality? through infinity is one woman’s journey as she rediscovers the love of her husband and children. But will that new found love be strong enough to carry them through infinity and beyond…

Nayu's thoughts
 There's something incredibly appealing about having a protagonist with severe memory issues, I guess because they have so much to learn, and little nuances of their friends and family aren't known for quite a while. It is nice learning about everyone and everything along with Candice, but it's so hard on her because some people are eager for her to remember them, most especially her husband and children. I can hardly imagine what she goes through, to wake up with an entirely different body that's had things happen that poor Candice can't remember. It is so hard for her! It's understandable she struggles to figure out who she is when she's stuck in the past. 

There are quite a few funny moments, especially when she comes into contact with newer technology. I have to say her husband does some sweet things which made my heart melt. It wasn't all light though, there are some disagreements and anger issues which are yet another thing Candice has to deal with. She does manage to make friends though, and slowly she figures out how to live when she's forgotten so much of her past. This is an emotional read, I definitely felt like I was Candice, her trials are different to mine but I could relate to feeling uncertain in life and unsure of what to do. Keep the tissues at the ready. It's already on my reread pile!

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Libby Austin said...

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review. I'm so happy you enjoyed the story. *Sorry, I'm a little behind on notifications.)

through infinity & beyond...

Nayuleska said...

You're most welcome Libby! I'm frequently behind on everything, so really hadn't expected you to reply. I'm glad you got to see what I think of what's a great read!
Keep writing, Nayu