Friday, 10 June 2016

Nayu's News #217 New blog posts on their way!

If only books could fly...
After a few weeks of oodles of reviews I've had next to none this week. There is a reason for that, which I won't fully explain just yet. Sorry to be mysterious but still trying something out and until I figure out if it works there will be less reviews. 

Does less reviews mean less posts?
Nope, there won't be less posts! Not at all. I'll have the catch up posts for my other blog, Over On Nayu's Crochet Dreams, and some very new and shiny posts which I can't reveal today but I hope to reveal to you next week. It's a new kind of review which I'm super excited about! 

Surrounding myself with cute things keeps me happy ^o^
This week has been full of resting from a very busy weekend, and then feeling under the weather (probably a knock on effect from said busy weekend), but I'm slowly getting back on track now. In theory I'll be writing on Sunday, which will be great to get back into a decent schedule along with craft work. It was meant to happen on Tuesday, but I spent the entire morning doing craft (more on that tomorrow) and was then tired from working 4 hours without a break. It won't happen again, I'll strictly be sticking with 2 hours regardless of whether I finish the craft work or not!!! 

Today I'm scheduling posts at top speed so I can relax with anime and audiobooks ^o^ Oh & maybe some sewing later.  

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