Friday, 24 June 2016

Bunnies in the Bathroom by Lucy Daniels (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

The one I read was an older edition
Newest edition 1995, Hodder Children's Books, 160 pages, Paperback, Borrowed from a friend
Summary from Hachette Children's
Animal Ark is the veterinary surgery run by Mandy Hope's parents. If there are animals to be protected or looked after, Mandy is always there to help.
Mandy's new friend John is crazy about rabbits! He's got his heart set on Button and Barney, two baby rabbits in the local pet shop. But when he goes to buy them, they've already been sold! Mandy and James decide to track down the new owner and try to get the bunnies back ... 
Nayu's Thoughts
This is a sweet tale about a lonely boy who loves bunnies and a vet's daughter who brings him bunnies and love for his family, which I borrowed from a friend, Animal Ark is a sweet series that I'm starting to discover thanks to an animal loving book fangirl friend. I learnt a lot about bunnies through John's tale, as he needed the info for a school project and Mandy helped him. I liked that she listened to the advice of the adults around her, using their wisdom and experience so she didn't make too many mistakes. The few she made with her friend James she was eventually able to fix. 
 I have to say I expected the story to go differently, I thought that due to the trouble with the wild bunnies John would end up taking bunnies home and hiding them in the bathroom. It meant what happened was a pleasant surprise, I like it when books for younger readers do that! I hope one day to have a copy of this as it's so adorable, with examples of how to treat people and what to do when you have a problem. 
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