Thursday, 5 May 2016

Kate and Holly by Maggie Dana (Young Adult, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

November 2014, Pageworks Press, 68 pages, Ebook, Personal copy

Book summary
Fourteen-year-old Kate McGregor has trouble making friends. In exchange for her riding lessons, she works at Sandpiper Stables where the other girls look down their noses at her as she mucks stalls, cleans tack, and grooms their European warmbloods.

For comfort, Kate turns to Black Magic, the barn’s best horse. His favorite treat is watermelon rinds, which he slobbers all over her. But Kate doesn't care. She loves Magic’s attention and pampers him. Together, they're already making a name for themselves at three-day events, and Kate’s riding instructor predicts they will go far . . . until a tragic accident changes everything.

* * *

Holly Chapman hides her sadness and loneliness behind a cheerful smile. She grooms as much of her horse, Magician, as she can reach from her wheelchair and watches another girl ride him—winning the blue ribbons that Holly used to win.

Determined to keep up with the other kids, even if she can’t walk, Holly takes risks. She gets her wheelchair stuck in the mud, stranded on stairs, and wedged into corners. Sometimes she falls out of it. Her mother advertises for a summer companion, but Holly doesn’t want a watchdog.

She wants a best friend.

Nayu's thoughts
I loved learning more about how the two horse mad friends first met, in this novella prequel type book in the Timber Ridge Riders series. Kate and Holly obviously meet in the series but this gives extra info set before that fateful meeting which was fascinating. It added to my current knowledge of their characters which will be useful as I continue reading the series. 

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Maggie Dana said...

THanks, J. I very much appreciate this very sweet review.