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Elspeth Hart and the Perilous Voyage by Sarah Forbes and James Brown (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

You don't want to look behind the portholes!
September 2015, Stripes Publishing, 224 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Summary from Little Tiger Press
Elspeth Hart and the Perilous Voyage is the second adventure featuring the fabulous Elspeth Hart, a modern heroine with doodles on her Converse trainers and unstoppable determination.
Now she’s finally free of the School for Show-offs, Elspeth is on a desperate mission to find her parents. She knows that Miss Crabb will have answers – but where can she find the vile woman? When Elspeth spots her on the news as a staff member on a luxury cruise ship, the chase is on. Elspeth is determined to get the answers she needs and she’ll stop at nothing. Sneaking aboard the ship is easy enough, but setting sail was never part of the plan! All at sea, unable to find Crabb and still no closer to a reunion with her parents, things aren’t looking good for Elspeth...

Nayu's thoughts 
Gutsy Elspeth risks all to get her family's recipe back! I love how she is more of a risk taker than her friend Rory, who thankfully makes a few suggestions that make Elspeth's plans a smidge safer. I say a smidge because there is nothing safe about the two villainesses (if there is such a word). They are as awful if not more so in this second book, with so much to lose if they get caught that they to more dangerous lengths to achieve their goals. The passengers are understandably less than impressed with their negligble hair and beauty skills, and I hope they get refunds for the money they paid the duo. 

I loved how the excitig elements of being on a cruise ship is explored (literally) by Elspeth, Rory and a new friend: mega posh suite, dining room, handy hiding holes, avoiding being seen by staff when not following rules etc. I hope Elspeth finds her parents in the final book of the trilogy as she deserves some stability in her life. I love her outfit on the cover, and her trademark hair is gorgeous! Totally different to Miss Crabb and Gladys whose appearances and manners are vile. I loved all the illustrations from James which add a vibrancy to the stoey through the simple black and white images. The cover has peek holes to a second colour page which made me shudder! Definitely a middle grade must read! 

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