Sunday, 17 April 2016

Blog Spotlight #1 Medical themed posts on Dennis's Blog!

This is an illustration from the featured blog, Dennis's Blog
Today's review is a little different. It's not for a book, or for a product. It's for a fun blog, called Dennis's blog! It involves amusing medical themed posts written from the view of a 13 year old boy who does work experience at his father's practice in Wales, which launched 1st January 2016.

The posts by Dennis the teen are highly amusing, especially if you have a fair amount of experience within a doctor's surgery. Set in the 1980s, each post is almost entirely accurate in medical facts, although naturally a little artistic license is used. 

The blog illustrator is Amanda Summers, who has her own website here.
 The blog is aimed at students from Y7 to Y9, with the hope that students interested in studying medicine will enjoy the insights it provides. 

While the illustrations aren't 100% a style that I love, they fit the feel of the entertaining posts which had me smiling a lot. A range of medical issues are explored, some more common than others, in a voice that has me adding this to the extremely short list of blogs which I regularly read. On average one post is put up each week, with extras slotted in every now and then. Go check it out on Dennis's Blog!

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