Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mini anime review: Aikatsu! (Sumire, season 4)

Sumire is so cute!
While I'm away I thought I'd share a picture from what is possibly my most favourite anime, Aikatsu! If I remember correctly this is from the 4th season. It's a Wizard of Oz themed outfit - I hate the story of that book, but love the dress! This is the image once she has changed into the outfit right before her performance. Note the red shoes which are a major element of the story. 

I'm taking my portable dvd player with me, so while I can't watch this particular episode I still have Aikatsu to relax with. Aikatsu forever raises my spirits, almost always has a happy theme, is super colourful, cute, and fun! 
She even dances on a yellow brick road  I promise it is a narrow-ish road: this is the end of it, where she finished her performance

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