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Jivin' Tango by Connie L. Smith (Young Adult, 8/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

 May 2015, Inkspell Publishing, 194 pages, Ebook, Review copy 

Content: some romance scenes, stalking,

Summary from Inkspell
Lila and Austin have known each other since she befriended his younger brother when she was a toddler. In fact, since her parents moved from her hometown, Lila’s lived with Austin’s family. The two are friends, though more of the teasing, taunting breed than the BFF variety.

But all it takes is one moment for everything to change…

For Austin, that moment comes when Lila performs a rumba in the school’s auditorium to qualify for the state dance competition, the young woman on stage so far-removed from the little girl in his memories.

For Lila, the moment is a reflected image of Austin preparing for prom, the guy standing in front of his mirror hardly resembling the child that spent so much of his youth pestering her.

Will they find a way to admit to themselves and their families that their feelings are deeper than friendship? And can Lila focus on this building relationship – and deal with her unstable ex – and still win the dance contest?

Nayu's thoughts 

I was fully expecting for this to be a fangirl review, since I know Connie a little online *waves*, and this book lay all the groundwork for evil ex boyfriend being a stalker. 1 do understand why the stalker business didn't get as far as it could, but I guess I was disappointed with the way it turned out, because all signs pointed to one climax an entirely different one happened. It was a great different ending, just not what I'd expected.

Enough grumbling as the writing is superb, relations between Lila and her unusual living arrangements were realistic. I loved when she had to face her fears because they weren't as bad as she expected, a lesson I take away feom the book. It was amusing when I was reading the early chapters while sleepy and didn't see the character switch on the chapter page and thought Lila was Austin so had a confusing read until I checked back and realised it wasn't Lila. With me prefering heroines to heroes I nearly ignored the Austin chapters, but I was good and read them. They were ok, way preferred the Lila chapters! Far more exciting. Despite my disappointment over one part of the plot this is going on my reread shelf.

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