Wednesday, 2 March 2016

From Bad to Wurst by Maddy Hunter (Cozy Mystery, 10E/10E, NetGalley, short 'n' sweet review)

 January 2016, Midnight In, 312 pages, Ebook, Review copy 

Content: some major peril 

Summary from Midnight Ink
It's Oktoberfest and the globetrotting Iowa seniors are sharing their Sounds of Music adventure with several oompah bands whose dream of performing in a famous German beer hall is about to be realized. But when a deadly relic from wartime Munich rains disaster on the group, their dreams are shattered—until an unlikely guest offers them new hope.

The tour hits a sour note when tragedy strikes a guest who knew the musicians' most guarded secrets. Was the death an unfortunate accident or something more sinister? As the group travels from the beer tents of Munich to the fairytale castle of Mad King Ludwig, Emily strives to restore harmony. But with the situation escalating out of control, could the gang be looking at a terrible end to their German interlude?

Nayu's thoughts
I'm eager to read the previous 9 stories in this hilarious travel holiday mystery!  I can't stress how funny it is with such diverse characters. The way Emily reacts to her mother and grandmother was a constant source of my giggling. They are quite the trio, especially when amnesia comes into play! Emily's husband was sweetly overprotective, the doctor they kept encountering as a result of their mishaps was very patient with his fussing. Emily's mother's attitude on how to keep an eye on her grandmother, who was capable of looking after herself was inventive and laughter inducing. I adore when families play a key role in a story, especially if there are issues between them.

Obviously the murder part of the story wasn't funny, and I got goosebumps in several places when I thought somethig bad could happen to Emily, but overall it was a fun reqd with so many laughs. It was fun to experience Germany from my sofa, and watch the numerous dramas unfold. The killer's identity was a complete surprise, as was a fact about dormant explosives, which according to Google is still true. Emily is a tour guide I'm eager to go to other destinations with her, especially if her family go with her. It's a series you can't afford to leave off your shelf! 

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