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Blog Tour: The Hurricane by R J Prescott (Romance, New Adult, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

 17th March 2016, Piatkus, 368 pages, Ebook,  Review copy, 

Content: a lot of strong violence + language + romance, occasional strong abuse including rape scene, tissues needed

Summary from Piatkus Entice
A love that’s worth keeping is worth fighting for . . . 

Emily McCarthy is living in fear of a dark and dangerous past. A gifted mathematician, she is little more than a hollow, broken shell, trying desperately to make ends meet long enough to finish her degree.

Through an unlikely friendship with the aging, cantankerous owner of an old boxing gym, Em is thrown into the path of the most dangerous man that she has ever met.

Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell is cut, tattooed and dangerous. He is a lethal weapon with no safety and everyone is waiting for the mis-fire. He’s never been knocked out before, but when he meet Em he falls, HARD. Unlike any other girl he’s ever met, she doesn’t want anything from him. 

Just being around her makes him want to be a better person.

They are polar opposites who were never meant to find each other, but some things are just worth the fight.

Nayu's thoughts 
While the language is certainly colourful, prolific and entirely in keeping with the rougher nature of most of the characters, (and it's very easy to skip past the steamy scenes) I absolutely loved The Hurricane and I'm so glad there's a second book on the way! It is from O'Connell's point of view so I'll have to be in the right mood to read it, but because it involves Emily I want to see if they get their happy ever after. 

 It's full of the true meaning of family, which if you're from a broken home as so many of the characters are family isn't something you're born with but something you acquire. The strength of all the friendships made me reaching for the tissues, and was a real pleasure to see develop. 

Emily is AMAZING! She is so sweet and caring, always trying to protect herself which makes her endearing to all who know her. Her desire to stay free from her past makes her make some unwise decisions, but thankfully she slowly learns to extend her friendship circle, and in doing so finding the true meaning of family. I loved how she was doing her best to improve her life, but eventually accepts help from others, especially when they give her things in such a way it would be rude for her to say no. You'll need more tissues for the heartwarming moments which are many.

The level of protection Emily gains from simply knowing Danny increases tenfold when she agrees to work for him and meets his ragtag version of family. While the flashbacks of her traumatic past are emotionally hard to read, they helped reveal little by little why she is so fearful of men. At first her new friends don't know her full history, but they sense that there's a reason for her timidness: they respect that and help her gain confidence in herself, more so O'Connell who has a similar tricky situation which also unravels as the story progress. More tissue moments!

He really is different to Emily. It was nice to see a softer side to him, it helps him fully understand Emily, although it takes her almost forever to accept just how much he loves her. While Emily may take her time trusting people and seem timid, she has an inner strength and passion for life which is drawn out as her new friendships deepen, which prove useful when she has to face her inner and outer demons. 

I may not necessarily approve of boxing (neither does Emily) but it can help channel aggression and keep people off the streets and out of trouble. The way almost everyone in Danny's work is desperate to take care of Emily is sweet, innuendos aside they are a good bunch. And the title can apply to both Emily and O'Connell

I'm hoping this comes out on audiobook as I can't wait to reread it, it's that good. Definitely one for your shelf! 

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