Monday, 21 December 2015

What are YOU reading? #297

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.


The One-Of-A-Kind Cat by Ciye Cho
Non-fiction, Humour
(An incredible insight in different types of cats with colourful pictures and a variety of article formats eg magazine article, letters, postcards etc.)

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue by Mary Burgess & Trudie Chalder
Non-fiction, Self-Help book
(Interesting as I deal with fatigue on a daily basis.)

House Trained by Jackie Bouchard
(A funny and insightful read about a woman with a much loved dog who discovers her husband has a grown up child who has a child of her own, and they come to live with them, changing both their lives radically!)


Breakfast at Darcy's by Ali McNamara
Contemporary, Romance
(I'm loving watching Darcy slowly get used to living on an island and being responsible for how her community runs...)


Image result for Kanon 2006
Kanon (2006 version)
Slice of Life and Supernatural Anime, English version
(Bittersweet anime which made me cry a lot, about teens at school, wolf spirits, touching on depression, suicide and other dark parts of life which has a kind of happy ending...)

AKB0048 Next Stage
Music Idol Anime, Japanese version
(Finished it! The end makes me cry with happiness as it's so awesome when Nagisa becomes the next Acchan!)

Diamond Daydreams
Slice of Life Anime, English version
(Finished this incredible short series with 2 part episode stories about 6 women experiencing important life issues which require tissues to watch...)

Angelic Layer
Mecha Anime, Japanese version
REWATCH -  10E/10E
(Going without subs as I've seen it enough times that it can be an anime I can relax with: adore Hikaru's outfit which Mizuki makes for her!)

Air TV series + OVA
Slice of Life Anime, English version
(An engrossing anime which is bittersweet and addictive right until the end.)

Image result for Liberty's Kids sarah red coats 
Liberty's Kids
Historical Anime, English version
(Sarah's antics and attitude make me laugh as she saves them from being discovered by the red coats with her suddenly urgent desire to make tea [thus destroying a scroll which could have thrown them in prison]!)

Winx Club:  Season 4
Magical Girl Anime, French version
(The girls now have Sophix which have gorgeous coloured outfits to fit in with the compassionate side of their nature powers!)

Police Drama, English version
(It's ended! Although hopefully there will be a new series as there were some unfinished and new plot lines...)

Image result for Holby City jac court
Holby City
Medical Drama, English version
(I know she has an attitude problem and possibly didn't do enough to help the patient in question but I was so glad when the case against Jaq escalated and put her as the victim. I don't want her to go!)

Medical Drama, English version
(An alright episode, though nothing amazing happened...)

Oxford Street Revealed
Documentary, English version
(For some reason learning about how shops work, and the effort the street staff and police work to keep this famous London street up to dealing with millions of visitors each year is addictive: I discovered a whole new series!)

 Image result for Aikatsu movie
Aikatsu movie
Music Idol Anime, Japanese version
(Watched it without subs as I know the story and cried in several places which are just so beautiful!)

Image result for Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future hein 
Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future
Music Idol Anime, Japanese version
(Hein struggles with finding what her strengths are, and manages to win on several levels!)

 Image result for Is the Order A Rabbit?
Is the Order A Rabbit?
Slice of Life Anime, Japanese version
(An adorable show about a girl who adores bunnies who moves to a cafe with a bunny sounding name to live while she attends her new school – it's about friendship and ditzy-ness!)

Music Idol Anime, Japanese version
(Mikuru goes all out in growing a delicate flower to get a Vivid Kiss Premium Dress, since she wants to shine alongside Mizuki, rather than just with her...)

Image result for the aristocats
The Aristocats
Disney movie, English version
(I'd forgotten how much I love slightly snooty Marie [the white kitten] and one of her brothers, Toulouse, when he pretends to scare away cats and puffs up while spitting)

Image result for KinMoza
Slice of Life Anime, Japanese version
(Finished this adorable anime about two friends from Japan and England who grow to love each other.)

 Image result for Clannad
Slice of Life and School Anime, English version
(Funny with strong female characters and lots of humour among the darker side of life stuff...)

Image result for kobato anime
Magical Girl Anime (sort of), Japanese version
(A mega cute anime with an unusual premise, which deals with darker issues like debt collectors coming to a kindergarden and terrorising the students!)

Craft and fun things!
I've made a bit more progress on this pretty purple blanket...

I've finished an owl cross stitch project which was enjoyed greatly as a present ...

I've been having fun decorating tiara's and bringing colour to both Ariel and Mulan in my Disney Princess Art Therapy Book...

I made vegan Hello Kitty shaped shortbread cookies .... well as some gluten free white chocolate chip cookies. Both taste delicious!
I've also made more centres for truffles.

Although I haven't played any games this week – been too tired – I've heard there's a fun new update on the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Game, so I may check that out soon....

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