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What are YOU reading? #295

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.

Image result for the storm leopards holly webb

The Storm Leopards by Holly Webb
Children's, 9 years +
(The legendary has written another superb winter themed story that made me laugh and cry!)

Image result for diary of an (un)teenager
Diary Of An (Un)teenager
Return of the (Un)teenager by Pete Johnson
Young Adult, Dyslexia friendly
(Despite a male protagonist, I loved these diaries of being 13 and entering the teenage world!)

Image result for a rose for st amelia

A Rose For St Amelia by Jack Nesbitt
Crime, Romance
(A Spanish holiday turns out to be less relaxing and far more dramatic than Rose imagined...)

Image result for shopaholic to the rescue
Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella
Romance, Contemporary Fiction
(More insanity ensues as a family situation gets a bit out of control...)

Image result for the beat on ruby's street
The Beat On Ruby's Street by Jenna Zark
Young Adult
(A touching story about an era of history in America I knew nothing about!)

Image result for a beeline to murder
A Beeline to Murder by Meera Lester
Cosy Mystery
(If you hadn't already guessed, bees are involved in this light hearted murder read...)

Image result for the dala horse lissa johnston
The Dala Horse by Lissa Johnston
Children's, 9 years +
(Very much a pioneer tale about a girl from Norway whose parents had settled in America...)

Image result for the twins at st clare's

The Twins at St Clare's by Enid Blyton
Children's, 9 years +
REREAD - 10E/10E
(A classic boarding school series which starts with this book...)

Image result for shepherd's crook sheila webster boneham
Shepherd's Crook by Sheila Webster Boneham
Cosy Mystery
(Animals don't mix well with murders, especially not sheep!)

Image result for devil and the deep megan tayte

Devil and the Deep by Megan Tayte
New Adult
(Beware of the cliffhanger ending in this penultimate read!)

Image result for posie pixie and the pancakes
Posie Pixie and The Pancakes by Sarah Hill and Sarah Mauchline
Children's, 5 years +
(The best book in the cute series!)

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
Young Adult
(Listening to Bella's drama has me eyeing up a rewatch of the movies...)

Image result for montana sky nora roberts
Montana Sky by Nora Roberts
Contemporary, Romance
(There's an awful lot of murder and scary stuff going on right now, what with one of the sisters being stalked by an insane ex husband!)

Image result for kilari
Kilari:  Season 1
Music Idol Anime, French version
(Kilari wanted to give up being a singer and actress for about 2 episodes, but given that there's another season after this one I wasn't worried!)

Image result for neo angelique
Neo Angelique
Science Fiction Anime, Japanese version
(Still debating if I'll watch the final episode, as it's sad, and for me the series had a happier ending on the penultimate episode!)

Image result for sakura wars
Sakura Wars
Science Fiction/Mecha Anime, Japanese version
REWATCH - 10/10E
(Sakura tries so hard in the beginning but keeps getting knocked back as none of her teammates at both the theatre and the saving the city machine base like her...)

Image result for winx roxy
Winx Club:  Season 4
Magical Girl Anime, French version
(I'm so glad that Roxy finally gets another big part in season 7, which I'd expected in season 5 just because of who she is in season 4...)

Image result for fantasista doll
Fantasista Doll
Magical Girl Anime, Japanese version
(Even though I've seen it before the ending had me in tears. It's happy ending, so very happy but hard to watch all the same. Brilliant series, wish it had been more than 13 episodes!)

Image result for liberty kids
Liberty's Kids
Historical Anime, English version
(An exciting series related to Thanksgiving as it's about the settlers [I think] – there are blue or red coats in it, and someone called Franklin. His daughter is quite a character!)

Image result for Capital series, london
Drama, Thriller, English version
(Sadly I've discovered this is only a 3 part series, so with 1 episode to go a lot must happen to uncover the strange goings on in a London street. The characters are so likeable/hate-able!)

Image result for holby city zosia and jac
Holby City
Medical Drama, English version
(Even though not all of it was great, because Jac is back I'm extremely happy! She and Zosia clash a bit...)

Image result for love live
Love Live:  Season 2
Music Idol Anime, Japanese version
(I cried so much in the last 3 episodes! It's super happy, but nostalgic as it's about girls leaving school which reminds me of leaving work, so it's easier to relate to their feelings. Would love a 3rd season but don't expect it will happen...)

Image result for angelic layer
Angelic Layer
Shojou & Action Anime, Japanese version
(I wanted to watch this straight after Fantasista Doll because they are similar genres! Wish battle dolls were real though...)

Image result for kanon
Slice of Life Anime, English version
(I'm not even half way through and I adore this anime. I heard it was sad...and I'm reaching some of the sad episodes which are heartbreaking but heartwarming all at the same time, especially around Makoto & that's all I'm saying right now! It has some Spice and Wolf elements...)

Craft, games and more
I've managed a bit of craft over the last few weeks. I've added more to a baby blanket and I've finally discovered a baby booties pattern which I can do! Been experimenting with sizes...

I've also made a bigger than normal dishcloth for a family member....

Using a packet mix I've baked some delicious seeded rolls!

I've also made some deliciously cute Hello Kitty white chocolate truffles... some mint choc stars...

...oh and some mini steamed sponge pudding plus some chocolate chip cookies (except I overbaked them a bit)....

Also had a bit more coloring fun with the princess book I mentioned last week or so...

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