Thursday, 24 December 2015

Horse in My Heart by Jane Ayres (Young Adult 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

Seeing this cover makes me well up with tears knowing the story.
 January 2015, CreateSpace, 142 pages, Ebook, Review copy
Content: tissues very much needed. 

Book summary
Two teenage girls. One special horse. A devastating secret. Now, leaning on the fence, letting the soft breeze stroke my face while I watch my sweet bay horse grazing beneath the apple tree, it’s as if everything is normal and nothing has changed. But everything has changed. Forever. Annie wants to buy a steady safe horse, but instead finds herself drawn to the lively Rocket - and his owner, the enigmatic teenager Elizabeth Gates. It’s a stormy start to a friendship that will change both of their lives in ways they could never imagine. Why is Elizabeth in such a hurry to find a home for the horse she clearly loves so much? When Annie finally discovers the answer, she is devastated. And time is running out…..

Nayu's thoughts  
Don't read this unless you have tissues with you – you'll need them! I love all the thrill and emotion of horse books – don't ask me to get on a horse – yet I didn't realise it would be such an emotional book. It's about two girls who share the love of the same horse, who Annie isn't entirely sure of because Rocket isn't what you'd call an even temperament. 

Falling off happens. Being annoyed and angry happens. And, ever so slowly, the bond of love grows between Rocket and Annie, which is good considering some of the things that Elizabeth asks her to do appear outrageous at first, until the heart of the matter is revealed. Then I dissolved into tears on most of the pages, just because the heartache from both girls is evident. I promise the end is sort of happy, and will have you wanting to reread it straight away – albeit after some chocolate for the emotional pick me up. 

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