Monday, 14 September 2015

What are YOU reading? #284

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.


Lorali by Laura Dockrill
Young Adult
(The story got too weird for me to continue, & the point of view changes were choppy. Great concept and I loved a lot of it, just not enough to keep going through the too scary for me parts...)

Stirred With Love by Marcie Steele
Food Fiction, Romance
(Can't praise this story about a coffee shop changing 3 women's lives high enough!)

Cluttered Attic Secrets by Jan Christensen
Cozy Mystery
(Murder, secret rooms, humour, an incredible book to be read in daylight!)

Fairytale Beginnings by Holly Martin
Romance, Fairytale
(Has to be read to be believed, a bit like Beauty and the Beast, there's a castle with turrets and a unique community!)

The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean by Lindsay Littleson
Children's, 9 years +
(An engaging fun read involving the future and present...)

Then You Were Gone by Claire Moss
(Incredible fast paced read with heaps of plot twists as a woman's boyfriend goes missing...)

Killer Run by Lynn Cahoon
Cozy Mystery, Crime
(Body found on a community run leads coffee and book shop owner Jill on an investigation filled with drama and humour...)

Dangerous Reflections by Shay West
Young Adult
(Ends on a cliff hanger which is a tad frustrating!)


Summer Daydreams by Carole Matthews
Shop Fiction, Romance
(Enjoying watching Nell's skills in making and selling handbags grow, despite her frequent ability to be more selfish which affects her family life heavily.)


Hanasaku Iroha
Slice of life Anime, Japanese version
(Love watching Ohana make so many errors when she first gets to her grandmother's traditional Japanese inn!)

Hanamaru Kindergarten
Slice of life Anime, Japanese version
(This cute anime about a kindergarten is funny despite some occasionally not entirely appropriate themes if it were applied to real life...)

The Great British Bakeoff
Cookery show, English version
(Now I'm planning on making a frangipane tart! Will skip the other two bakes...)

Once Upon A Time: Season 3
Fantasy Drama, English version
(Getting weird but that's normal for Once. Love having Belle feature more now that characters are back in town!)

Winx: Season 3
Magical girl Anime, French version
(Bloom dies and regains life while fighting Valtor!)

Winx: Season 4
Magical girl Anime, French version
(Episodes are now much more cheerful!)

Secrets of China
Documentary, English version
(Not as interesting as earlier episodes, but an emotional episode as the gap between rich and poor is demonstrated...)

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future
Music Idol Anime, Japanese version
(I'm on tenderhooks while waiting for the girls to start doing Prism Acts – they are nearly there! Mia is suitably hilarious...)

Aikatsu: Season 1
Music Idol Anime, Japanese version
(Ran's just been in a fashion parade for her graduating seniors...)

Craft, games and more
I've played a little on...

...Hotel Dash, a Playfirst game which I thoroughly enjoy, carrying luggage and taking food to customers (who can include vampires and ghosts on the current level).

Craft wise I've hopped about a bit (plus being ill this week never helps) so no major progress to show you but...

...I've been baking! Made these delicious seeded rolls and had my first attempt at making truffles...

I may have made them years and years ago, but this first attempt didn't go to plan.

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