Thursday, 10 September 2015

Nayu's News #198 Thank you for waiting!

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Text speak aside, I felt this cute photo is an appropriate picture for today's short post. Ignoring blog work for a few days meant I could focus on getting the rest I needed to get over the wobbly my body was throwing this week. It involved a lot of being horizontal, 
and being propped up too.

some anime watching 
Needed a gentle anime, so starting a rewatch of Hanasaku Iroha with Ohana arriving at her grandmother's traditional Japanese inn provided much needed laughter. Let's just say a lot goes wrong for Ohana before it goes right!
some reading 
Not as much as I'd have liked but when ill there's only so much distraction a book can bring. Yes I've just said that. When ill I can be restless in activities.
and some crochet. 
A little crochet was better than none!

Today I started getting back into the swing of things with some household tasks and, between the mound of laundry, I baked so more rolls! I don't have a picture for them - I didn't take one and my cat is currently on me making it impossible to get up and do a mini photo shoot. 
These are the white rolls I made the other week
However, I'll have a picture for you soon. I'm off to have a quiet evening of crochet! 

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