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Fierce Winds and Fiery Dragons by Nan Sweet (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

Isn't the dragon adorable???
May 2014, Amazon Media, 123 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Content: dragons, princesses, alternate worlds, great peril, humour, 

Summary from Amazon (I don't gain anything by mentioning them) 
Ivy and Carrie love their new classroom even if the new teacher is a little strange. When Mrs. Huffity asks for volunteers to care for an egg, Ivy doesn’t budge. She’s had a few scary dreams about that egg and wants nothing to do with it.

But when trouble comes, Ivy defends the egg. In her desire to save the baby that hatches, Ivy is tossed into the middle of an adventure. She discovers more than she ever wanted to know about fierce winds and fiery dragons.  

Nayu's thoughts     
I liked the concept of this tale, as well as the cute looking cover, which now is a mystery because one of the characters looks like a boy, and it was about two girls. Maybe one was a tomboy and I didn't read that part thoroughly? 

Cover aside, it's brilliant! The way that Ivy and Carrie get introduced to the egg is clever, as well as the true identity of their teacher. I liked (as much as one can) the way that their home lives had big issues in them which meant they'd rather stay in the strange land they find themselves than go back. 

Dragons are cool! Especially baby ones :) There are many enjoyable moments, including the way the girls sneak food out for the baby dragon to eat. There is a fair bit of humour, lots of danger and tricky obstacles to overcome, some had me on the edge of my seat especially with the illustrations which added to the atmosphere. I already want book 2 to see what happens next, as the girls' adventures have just begun.

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