Friday, 21 August 2015

Princess Stories by Igloo Books (Children's, 5 years +, 10E/10E)

   September 2013, Igloo Books, 48 pages, Ebook, Personal copy 

Content: cuteness, royalty, pink, humour

Summary from Igloo Books
Join in with Princess Harriet as she tries to get rid of her hiccups, meet Princess Lily and her new pet dragon and have fun with Princess Beatrice as she puts on a homemade ballet show.

Nayu's thoughts     
This is a brilliant compendium of princess tales – and it's free! I don't know if it's free everywhere, but it's free on Amazon UK for Kindle. I'm not sure why it's still free, but seriously go grab yourself a copy. I'd happily pay money to enjoy watching the super cute princesses tackle an issue close to their hearts, each with a different type of royal family and household. 

It is wonderfully girly, lots of pink and purple, cakes and dresses, toys and servants, everything you could possibly want in a princess tale. One princess has bunny slippers and a cat, another is selfish and learns the lesson of eating too many cakes - each learns something important by the end, the vivid colour pages a delight to read. 

Suggested read  
For more royal cuteness check out Princess Evie's Ponies: Diamond the Magic Unicorn by Sarah KilBride & Sophie Tilley (Children's, Picture book, 10/10E)

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