Thursday, 13 August 2015

Nayu's News #196 NetGalley Tips & Mayhem

You can be this too!

Despite joining NetGalley several years ago, for some reason I've been afraid of going on there. I think that I thought it would be complicated to a) choose books & b) get said books onto reading device. 
I stuck with 'normal' hardback/paperback review books, as well as some pdfs.

I'm pleased to say that both those assumptions are false! I investigated further this year (or at the start of the year) to see what NetGalley was about, since I was starting to accept mobi/other ebook formats directly from publishers/authors so figured NetGalley wouldn't be much different, and it's not. I'm not a NetGalley affiliate (although by the amount of reviews I'll be doing this year I'd like to be if they did such a thing, which I'm not sure of), I just really like it.

For those of you who don't know what I'm going on about, NetGalley is in essence a gateway for book reviewers of all types - including bloggers  - to access digital proofs prior to books coming out. Once downloaded you can keep them. For more info be sure to hop over to NetGalley for details which I'm not going over. 

Tip time!
There are probably lots of NetGalley Tips online but I'm writing my own just because you might learn from my mistake which isn't really a mistake more like a giant oopsie. 

1) Fill in all your details - this goes without saying, put up all your links, fill in your bio, tick all the metaphorical boxes so publishers know more about you. 

2) Browse through the books, and pick a realistic amount that you can review in a timely fashion. 

#2 is precisely why this post is being written. I've done this thing I'm about to tell you once before although to a lesser degree, and I know I'll do it again in the future, but this is a case of do what I say rather do what I do. 
What did you do?
So the thing is I got very mouse click happy (touch-pad happy since my laptop doesn't have an actual mouse) and clicked an awful lot of books which I liked the sound of the other night. Amish books, cosy mysteries, family drama, thrillers, a craft book, a few children's books. I clicked a lot which were looking for US/Australian/Canadian reviewers, on the off chance that they might say yes and let me review their books. I truly thought most of them would say no, or else I might not have chosen so many. (Doubtful)

First there was 1 book...
...then a few more. Initially I had 20 new books, which is about normal for me. Then the number kept climbing. Around 50 ebooks later, I can safely say - as a friend kindly pointed out after I'd gone on my book spree - to not be put off by region specific requests because publishers may very well say yes to you reviewing the book.  Rather than being daunted by the ever increasing number of books dropping onto my virtual shelf (I did keep checking back every few hours), I laughed with every increase and thoroughly looked forward to all the reading material. 
Books are so AWESOME!
It's a good thing I read a lot, with a little over 50 NetGalley books ready for me to read! I might be less click-happy in future, but knowing me I probably won't ever learn my lesson. The books do get read & reviewed in a timely fashion so I'm smiling at the tall stack of virtual books awaiting me. I hope my cautionery tale has helped you learn a little bit more about NetGalley - enter at your peril!!!
While I love physical books, virtual ones do save on shelf space!

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