Saturday, 29 August 2015

Horses and Friends #2 Silver Spurs by Miralee Ferrell (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

  June 2015, David C Cook Books, 240 pages, Ebook, Review copy from NetGalley

Content: families, friendship, horses, competition, humour

Summary from David C Cook
Kate's dream of owning a horse has finally happened. but now her best friend, Tori, has no money to buy a horse. So Kate comes up with a plan- she'll raise money by boarding horses and hosting a show in her family's barn.

It seems the perfect solution until Melissa, the girl who disses Kate and Tori at school, show up to board her horse, determined to compete in their show and win the silver spurs. Will their plan be ruined- or does God have something better in store for them all?

Silver Spurs is a tale of overcoming fears and trusting God with your dreams.

Nayu's thoughts
Although I plunged in at book 2 I was able to understand the relationships between the characters fairly quickly. There's some foul play which is never pleasant in the horse world, but there's also a lot of friendship and forgiveness. I love how Kate gets a bit carried away with wanting to make others happy, and doesn't think through the consequences of her actions if the worst case scenario happened, which it almost does. I felt myself blushing with shame and guilt as she gets told off for an incident, it was ever so easy to step into her shoes.

What I did enjoy was the place that God held in Kate's life. Religion is not pushed down the reader's throat, it's an integral part of Kate's life which feels natural. Kate prays for guidance and strength, something which anyone who believes in God can relate to, regardless of whether or not you're Christian. Kate's beliefs help her when she has to deal with an enemy who repeatedly acts unpleasantly, it makes Kate take a decision which will change her life forever in a good way.

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