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Review & Game! Flashcards: ABC, 123, Opposites and colours (Children's, Non-fiction, flash cards, 10/10E)

Today's review is a triple treat!
May 2015, QED Publishing, 20 flashcards per box, Review copy 

All flashcards: 
Double-sided for interactive learning, these cards are a key tool to give your child a head start as they enter the world of reading.
Make learning the alphabet a joy with these delightfully illustrated ABC flash cards. With an animal fact feature on every card, they are perfect for young animal lovers
Colours & Opposites
Make learning key concepts a joy with these delightfully illustrated flash cards. With a variety of creatures featured on every card, they are perfect for young animal lovers. 
Make learning to count a joy with these delightfully illustrated flash cards. With different creatures featured on eery card, they are perfect for young animal lovers

Nayu's thoughts
I was asked by QED if I'd like to take part in a slightly different review by playing a game using the flash cards. Naturally I said yes as I love their storytime range for the thoughtful questions at the end of the book, such as in Give Us A Smile Cindrella! by Steve Smallman and Marcin Piwowarski (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E) 

As you can see there are currently 3 types of flashcards. They are around A5 size, made of sturdy, what feels like wipeable cards (perfect when sticky fingers are about!), and are double-sided. 
Here's what an empty box looks like
They are housed in an easy to open box, with a ribbon which needs to be kept on the bottom with a bit hanging out so you can easily lift all the cards up, saving the need to turn the box over and tip them all out. Yes I've done both methods!

The 123 flashcards count from 1 to 10 using a variety of animals. 

1 side of the card is just the picture of the number of animals...
...the other side incudes the animals and the number in digit and written form (plus what the animals are)
I'd say there are more what I call icky creatures (creepy crawlies/bugs/snakes) than I'd like in a set like this, but they will appeal to almost all young children who I know. The foxes are cute and cuddly! I haven't looked them up but I think the white one is an arctic fox, the bottom left a normal fox and the bottom right a fennic fox which lives in the desert. I liked foxes when I was little! 

Colours and Opposites
These were more my kind of animals! The opposites have the opposite type of word on the reserve side, whereas for the colours one side shows some animals, the other side says the colour involved and gives the names for the animals.
Here's one side of the opposite and colours card...

...and here's the other side!
As for the ABC cards, well they are straight forward.
This photo shows how on one side you have the letter and the animal's picture, and the other side has the animal's name and a fact about them.

Game letters!
I'd like you to come up with weird and wonderful words beginning with one of these letters, H, G, A. If you want to make it harder use two letters, or, if you want a real challenge, make up a word which uses all 3 letters! For 2 or 3 of the letters you can use them in any order with other letters. Off the top of my head I've come up with




Yes I've got animals on the brain! Let me know your ideas in the comments!

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