Saturday, 16 May 2015

Nayu's News #183 Time for some R&R

"Has life calmed down yet?" something I'm sure Rima & Kusukusu from Shugo Chara anime would say!
It's been a bit of a mental week at work, with lots going on, me staying a bit later to finish stuff on, so it's no surprise I ended up with a near migraine Thursday afternoon evening. I would have benefitted from staying off work yesterday since whether or not I have an actual migraine I get post migraine fatigue, but I did go to work so no surprises I'm tired now. I've done essential blog posts and think I'm scheduled up til Weds. 

Today I'm resting by read a lot, and doing some crochet too. Making great progress for my Nayu's Crochet Dreams 2015 Summer Collection - more on that over at Nayu's Crochet Dreams blog
A restful spring weekend is bliss - hope you get one!

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