Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Nayu's News #177 Audiobooks + Audiobook competition!

Time to share what I love with you!
I ended up being busy at the weekend after scheduling a few blog tour posts for this week, so this post isn't a review. It's about my view on audiobooks. 

I love audiobooks! A year and a bit ago I didn't imagine saying this. After all, reading books was just that, reading a book, be it a physical book or a digital book. I did listen to audiobooks when I was little - I fondly remember Bramley Hedge on tape and wish I still had them. 

Somehow I did try an audiobook, more because a friend was listening to them on her way to work. And I loved it! I started off with a small collection, which slowly has been growing thanks to Audible UK which I subscribe to. For only £7 a month (or is it £8?) I get 1 credit, which is the cost of an audiobook. Given that some of the ones I've got cost well over £20, it's a total bargain! You can buy more credits, there's a bundle which is often on offer and there are various other promotions throughout the year. 

Even when my energy is non-existant I can enjoy a story thanks to audiobooks
The reason I love audiobooks is because I can do craft while listening to the stories. Not only that, they are perfect for when I'm too tired to but want to read a story - I can zone out with the audiobook as it takes less concentration than following words on a page. That's how I'm able to keep reading when I'm  not well. They are good for the times when I'm not feeling up to reading, or watching anime, but want to do something fun & quiet. 

I guess the small negatives of audiobooks are the expense if you aren't in a scheme like Audible, as they are more costly than ebooks & paper books. Also depending on your speed of reading it can take much longer to complete a book, but that doesn't diminish the enjoyment at all. For me those aren't negatives aren't an issue. I love relistening to my favourite stories without having to take up time that needs to be spent reading review books! 

Competition time!
Enter a whole other world with audiobooks!
What do you think about audiobooks? Have you tried them? Do you like them? Do you think that there's no way you'd ever listen to one? 

As an incentive to get talking about audiobooks, I'm holding a competition! 

If you'd like an audiobook from Audible UK worth no more than £20, or Audible US worth no more than $31, simply tell me what you think about audiobooks in the comments for this post, & fill in this form.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
You have until 2nd April 2015 to enter. 

Important notes: This competition is only for US/UK residents. If you live in the US, if you pick a book from Audible.com that is $31 I'll send you the money via Paypal so you can purchase it. If the winner is from the UK I can easily send the book as an e-gift. It's easy to sign up to Audible, there's always a free trial going on and you can quit the subscription at any time & keep the books you've got so far. For more information about how to listen to a book from Audible check out the Audible US help page and the Audible UK help page.

So get talking!
You can listen anytime and anywhere to an audiobook!


Anonymous said...

Hi I love all your posts and have read some of the books you've reviewed and have thoroughly enjoyed them!
I have listened to audio books all my life: in the car,before bed and even in the bath I am currently reading (actually just finished) the Oksa Pollock series and absolutely adore them I'd really love an audio book to get stuck into like I have these awesome books and even better an Oksa Pollock one (if they have them😕)
Sorry for the long comment😬

Nayuleska said...

Aw, thank you! It's such a pleasure when people say they read books based on my reviews. Audiobooks are heaps of fun! I'm just creating a rafflecoptor form for this comp, so if you could enter on there your details are safe & secure (& I can email if you win).

Oksa audiobooks, now that would be good! I'm currently waiting for Ever After High to hit Audible UK - I can have the German edition (I dn't speak German), & the English one is on Audible US, so I'll keep asking until it gets there! Oksa is awesome, it can be quite intense though. Audiobook for Oksa sould be ace!

I love all comments, long is good since I don't get a lot of public comments - people tend to email me instead.

Holly Peckitt said...

I really like the idea of audio books - sometimes they can help in that if you read something you may interpret the language differently to how it would be said.

Nayuleska said...

Good point Holly. I have to say that thrillers are spookier on audiobook because the narrator captivates me enough to give me the shivers and ready to jump at any unexpected noise. Ah, I love audiobooks!