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Blog tour: Oksa Pollock The Heart of Two Worlds by Anne Plichota and Cendrine Wolf Closing Post with a special interview

Today is the end of a very special tour which I had the honour of opening with my review and an interview with Anna and Cendrine. Now I'm hosting the closing post, which is equally exciting. I hope you have hopped along some of the other tour stops which offer more insight into the heads of Anna & Cendrine and Oksa's world. She is one amazing girl who I love! 

I know Oksa woud love to have no cares in the world, be free to stroll on a beach but that's not to be for a long, long time.,
However, I'm not the only fan of Oksa. Being an ardent Oksa fangirl led the Oksa publicity team to suggest whether I'd like to be in touch with a fan across the pond, in France (I'm in England). Naturally I said yes, and so was put in touch with the blogger David of La Chronibook. Yes it is in French, if you can speak it or know someone who does take a read as it's a good blog. I was able to ask David a few questions about being a French Oksa fan, so it is! I haven't seen the answers until I pre-scheduled this post so it's a surprise for me too ^o^ 

Question and Answer between two Oksa Fans
UK Oksa fan Nayu
French Oksa fan David

Nayu Q1) I was invited to read Oksa’s first adventure by a publicist I know. How and/or when did you first come across the Oksa Pollock series?

David A2) I started to read Oksa Pollock before I started my blog. Being a great reader, I was hypnotised by the first novel. I immediately read the second instalment and waited with impatience for the third book. At first, I thought that was the last in the series. So, when I finished it, I thought to myself ‘Non, that's not possible, THAT is not an ending!’ I then discovered that the series was composed of six books. 

Nayu: I have to laugh because I also thought it was a trilogy at first!  

David A2) continued: I am very fond of Oksa’s rich and wonderful universe, with fantastical creatures more delirious than the next!

Nayu Q2) I love Oksa because she is a girl who does have serious issues to face, but has humour in her life, as well as having awesome powers. I’m quoted both in my review & on the Oksa Pollock website, 'Oksa is my Harry Potter'. What makes Oksa so amazing for you?

David A2) Oksa is important to me, because, as you said, she is a strong and brave heroine. She isn't a flat and superficial character, which leaves the reader indifferent. To me, Oksa Pollock, has as much value as a human being. Through the authors’ writing, she's quite alive to me. She has humour, charisma and she goes through a lot of twists and turns in her life. All these elements create an exceptional and endearing character.

Nayu Q3) I know that all of the Oksa series is released in France - have you read them all? Do they get more intense as the series continues? 

David A3) Haaa yes! I have read the entire series... and I don't want to spoil it for you, but they become more and more incredible! Our dear Oksa hasn’t seen anything yet! The third book, The Heart of Two Worlds, is rich in plot twists! You will love the following books in the series. It becomes darker, perhaps sadder... No, no, no, I must stop with the spoilers! Perhaps you could learn French; you could read them before they are released in English!

Nayu: I actually can understand around 90% of French, so I strongly suspect I'll end up buying them because they will take an age for the entire series to be published. I would have to reread the first ones, because it's always a slightly different tale in the original text. That won't be a hardship though! I'll let you know when I do read them.

Nayu Q4) After Oksa who is your next most favourite character? Mine is Oksa’s grandmother because of her power, how she trains Oksa, all her creatures, and the legacy she leaves Oksa. Oh, and Oksa’s mother who I think is extremely brave and a wonderful example to her daughter. So that’s two but who is counting!

David A4) After Oksa, I think Abakoum and Dragomira are my favourite characters! They have a powerful aura; they are mysterious, endearing and funny. I would like to know more about them. I agree with you about Oksa's mother. She is a strong female character. To be continued!

Nayu Q5) I’ve had a peek at your blog La Chronibook and love the term Livraddict (English translation - Book Addict). Do you listen to audio books? Do you read eBooks? Do you read books in other languages?

David A5) Ahh great! Thanks very much! I have also looked at your blog. It's great and cool! I like the term ‘Book Addict’. It perfectly explains my way of life! I don't read any digital books. Yet, I am tempted to try audio books. I read a lot with music around me, in order to be completely immersed in the author's universe. And yes, I can read in English! I have a few novels. My last English novel was Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. It's a great novel, I recommend it to you... Unless you have read it already?

Nayu: I haven't read it and it's not quite my kind of read. Thank you so much David for answering my questions, and no doubt we will continue to share Oksa awesomeness as the series continues to be published in English. You can find David on Facebook, ( Twitter (@Charly_53D) and even has a Youtube channel ( 

I hope you've enjoyed this Oksa Pollock tour. I'll be reviewing all future books here on NRC, and if there are more tours hopefully I'll get to take part in them too! Just so you know the order of Oksa's story in English so far, here's a list of the books - click on the pictures to go to my reviews! 

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