Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season by Marko Kitti (Children's, 7 years +, 10E/10E, semi-short 'n' sweet review)

 September 2014, Amazon Media, 154 pages, Ebook, Review copy

Content: lots of trouble, lots of laughs

Book Summary
Jesper Jinx is eleven, and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill. Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster. Hence his nickname ‘Jinx’.

It’s Spring time in Puffington Hill, and the most unforgettable Sneezing Season ever for Jesper! In this book, packed full of new wonderfully wicked adventures, you’re going to get to know Chloe, Jesper’s long time future-girlfriend, and meet a Purple Buzzard from the tropical island of Buzzupurplu. Also, there’s Rosie, the grinning Squirrel with an attitude and the infamous Diary Wars.

WARNING: This book causes uncontrollable laughter!
Nayu's thoughts
The boy who somehow always gets into trouble is back! Since I see Marko on Twitter every now and then, I'd seen a picture of Rosie the squirrel before reading this. It was great to learn her role in Jesper's life – she has as much attitude as the cat, who is equally hilarious. It's entirely possible that my favourite characters are the animals. Their points of view are dramatically different to Jesper, and seeing the same scene from both sides makes it even funnier. You won't look at squirrels in quite the same way again after meeting Rosie! 

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Suggested read
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