Saturday, 31 January 2015

Nayu's News #169 Slow start, happy end

I want to bring fun your lives, like Nagisa from AKB0048!
Part of my several goals for this year is having more Nayu's News posting, talking about life which is why this isn't a review post. 

I felt spacey this morning
Today I woke up early so read for a bit before getting up to blog. Browsed a bit online, and then realised that my body was on a go slow (probably after only sleeping 3 hours on Thursday night & staying on extra at work yesterday), so I put my laptop to one side and went a watched a film. 

I watched Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars (2010, link to IMDb), English version. It was an ok film. I felt what Harriet was doing was really wrong. Spying on people isn't a nice past time, and Harriet has to deal with the consequences of her actions. I kept watching it until the end because it was an easy watch & I wanted to know how her lying and spying turned out. I thought it was a bit weak because while people applauded Harriet for her writing skills, they seemed to skip the part where she was writing about people's private lives which is a moral no-no in my world. 

After that due to a months free Netflix subscription (I was with them before so usually this is an offer for new members, but they offered it to me today) I settled down to watch a show by Rainbow, makers of Winx (which I adore!)
My favourite fairies in one of their Believix transformations (Possibly Speedix...which makes them fly extra fast)

This is called Mia & Me. They call Mia an elf when she is in the animated magical world, rather than the real life world, but to me elves don't have wings, fairies do. So she's a fairy in my mind! I love the bright colours of the anime scenes, the girliness of it all. 
Lots of pink, flowers, butterflies & wings!
 Like Mia I agree her dress is a teeny bit short but I have the same issue in Winx & other shows. I've only seen the first episode, and so far she can talk to unicorns and has made several friends including Yuko who reminds me of Faun in the Disney Fairies Tinkerbell series. I shouldn't have a problem watching this entire series within 1 month! 
Mia, Yuko & the prince

Fawn, who has similar coloured hair and clothes to Yuko
This afternoon I've come back to blogging and emailing, I'm shortly going to do a few chores before settling down with reading, anime, and crochet, although not all at once! With memory issues these days my multi-tasking is more mono-tasking. 
Like Sophie in the anime PriPara I can get confused easily.

Unlike Sophie I don't have special guardians to help with my flakey-ness!

I hope you've had a fun first half of the weekend! Tomorrow here on NRC there's a blog tour to look out for ^o^
Go smile like Yukirin from the anime AKB0048!


DMS said...

I have never seen the movie of Harriet the Spy- but I did read the book a long time ago. I can't remember if she gets in trouble for her spying at the end of the book or not. Glad you had a relaxing day! :)

Nayuleska said...

That's interesting Jess, as I've only heard about the book version in The Babysitters' Club books, which I think the character Malory reads (as she gets told off in one of the holiday specials for spying on people). Will have to add it to my book wishlist so I can see what happens!