Monday, 20 October 2014

What are YOU reading? #240

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.


The Little Dragon I Can’t by Timo Firtina & Vivien Stennulat
Children’s, Picture book
(Mega cute illustrations teamed with a clever, true to life tale...)

Dizzy Miss Lizzie by R. M. Clark
Children’s, 11 years +
(Spooky friendship is only part of this mysterious story!)

Rainbow Beauty: Blueberry Wishes by Kelly McKain
Children’s, 11 years +
(Another nail-biting read in this fun beauty shop themed book!)

White Horse by Yan Ge
Translated by Nicky Harman
(A story of a Chinese community which has diverse issues to address...)

Action Kids’ Club #1 by Lydia Howe
Children’s, 9 years +
(A fun start to a new series about a club for children which is great fun & includes colour illustrations [my ARC did]!)

Emerson’s Attic: The Blue Velvet + Smoke and Mirrors by Kathleen Andrews Davis
Children’s, 9 years +
(Awesome time travelling new series - not too scary either!)

The Girl With The Sunshine Smile by Karen McCombie
Children’s, 9 years +
Dyslexia friendly
(A change in life-style temporarily makes Meg lose her famous smile...)


Pea’s Book of Best Friends by Susie Day
Children’s, 9 years +
(The ultimate pick me up read when you need a boost. Life centres round a trio of sisters with a mother who’s a writer - trust me, you don’t want the youngest sister Tink annoyed with you! Her mischievous tricks made me smile when I needed to most...)

I haven’t completed anything this week, but have been listening to a bit of murder, magic, mischief, teen angst, baking and somewhere a puffin is included.   ^o^


Medical drama, English version
(Funerals of characters can be melodramatic, as this one was, but equally I was tearing up in parts too as Jeff was a great paramedic...)

Holby City
Medical drama, English version
(Raf was back…and managed to lose the plot & nearly a patient. I was far more interested in poor Jac’s longing to be a part of her daughter’s life, but I do understand why she thinks she can’t be a mother to Emma...)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Season 2
REWATCH! - Anime
(I love how real life commercial holidays which I don’t believe in are changed into a pony themed fun day, with the 3 Cutie Mark Crusaders determined to find Cheerilee a ‘special somepony’...)

REWATCH! - Anime, Japanese version
(This is at the top of my anime playlists at the moment, & I’m now at the part where Seira appears!)

Avatar: Book 2 Earth
REWATCH! - Anime, English version
(Yay - Thoth has arrived on the scene! Cue happy Nayu as she [Toth] is funny, has pretty outfits, and has phenomenal earth bending powers!)

Spice and Wolf
REWATCH! - Anime, English version
(Holo’s personality quirks never fail to make me smile & laugh!)

I am back in full force trying to level up my Gameloft games which I mistakenly reset, these include...

... Ice Age Village
 I managed to win Stonehenge! Maybe it’s an English thing, but I was stoked to win this in a challenge.

My Little Pony
I love the mine games at the moment, and the apple grabbing.

Littlest Pet Shop
I’ve got the dalmatians back! Happy me as they are adorable.

Remember I mentioned a new game last week, Panda Jam, which is so cute and amazing? Well my rating has gone down to 0. I played a few levels, picked my bonus items for the next level, clicked next and it said I needed to pay some money to carry on rescuing the panda babies for their mummy. I cancelled it, and tried again…and again…and again, until eventually I twigged that the game is not truly free like a lot of games I have, it makes you pay to play all the levels, which really sucks considering how other free games are just as good and manage to stay free, buy providing the opportunity to buy items if you so wish (I do wish, but I don’t have the funds to do so, so I don’t). So no more adorable baby pandas! Stupid game. Deleting it is necessary yet bittersweet.

Final Fantasy 10 by Square Enix
REPLAY! - Japanese Role Playing Game (RPG)
I haven’t played this for a few years - I was going to be continuing Final Fantasy 9 but I managed to delete the data on the virtual memory cards (playing on PS3 means there are virtual memory cards for PS1 & PS2 games). I couldn’t quite face restarting FF9 again, so I went for FF10. One of the female characters, Yuna (full name Yunaleska) should sound familiar as she is how I came up with Nayu & Nayuleska. I adored Yuna (I still do, mostly, although there are a few things that annoy this fangirl about her), and didn’t want to break any copyright laws so I changed the syllables around! So far Tidus has met Rikku, but that’s about it Which means I’m still in the dull part of the game, because the fun parts all involve, Yuna, of course!!!

Secret project work #1: check out this cute brown and orange blanket - I just need to sew up the ends!  

Secret project work #2: I’ve received more yarn for this multi-red & orange blanket so I can crack on with finishing it! 

Secret project work #3: I started a fun blue & green blanket, which is on hold as I finish 

Fingerless gloves #1 I finished some more of these red ones, although I’ve yet to sew them up....Fingerless gloves #2 I tweeted my progress for these, yet again need to sew them up (I have to be in the mood for sewing, which being ill I wasn’t. I simply wanted to crochet)

So far I’m all on schedule to reveal my secret project at the end of this month! It’s a good one, I promise you that! 

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