Saturday 11 October 2014

Nayu's News #147 I'm in Cision's Top 10 Children's Books blogs of 2014!!

This is so squeesome!

Holo from the anime Spice & Wolf making notes while reading
This week I had a tweet congratulating me for being in Cision's Top 10 Children's Literature Blogs. I hadn't heard of Cision, so went to investigate on the website. I was rather surprised considering that the other blogs on the list are amazing. 

Since I didn't know what Cision really was, I asked a publicist I know who explained pretty much the information which Cision sent me in an email: 

Your blog has been selected by Cision, a global media intelligence provider, to be included in this week’s Cision Top 10 UK Children's Literature Blogs. Every week, we carefully monitor a selected topical blogosphere in the UK and apply our in-house methodology to identify and rank these blogs accordingly. ...All of these blogs are listed on CisionPoint, an online database provided by us for PR, marketing and communication professionals...

I thought the Top 10 was just a weekly thing, but as I investigated further I realised that being on the Top 10 happens once or twice a year, and that some of the Top 10s get mentioned in national newspapers, making things a wonderful thing to happen to NRC! 

Cue much squee-ing and an insane amount of happiness yesterday. I'm thrilled to have been included among the list. In my opinion NRC isn't super flashy, I try and put up daily reviews/posts, I blog mostly about books but anime gets its fair share of coverage. I don't get many comments, not ones that you see - I get most via email. I certainly wouldn't put myself in the Top 10. I don't know what criteria Cision use, but I'm over the moon to be on this list. I even get the button at the top for my blog! Whoohoo! Thank you Cision! I hope I can continue to provide reviews and other articles that you all enjoy reading. 
Thank you!

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Jambo said...

That is fabulous news. Well done Nayu. Love your blog.