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Pri Para aka Puri Para episodes 1-8 review (anime, 10E/10E, semi short 'n' sweet review)

This is an extremely quick review as I'm being good and trying not to overun on my 1 hour only blogging time. Puri Para, which is what I call it because that's how it's said in Japanese, but you may hear it called Pri Para, IS AWESOME!!!! 

Lala when she says her catchphrase, Kashigoma (shortened phrase when speaking to customers at the pizza restaurant)
It's sort of part of the Pretty Rhythm music idol series, which include Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, PRAD's sequel Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, and Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live which is rather different to PRAD & PRDMF. Hopefully I haven't lost you in that explanation. You can easily find heaps of links online about the series, which I put under music & music idol anime drama.
Lala & Mireille's first making drama!
Lots of cute clothes, bright colours, and feel good music! Yay! That's the shortest summary I can come up with. Most episodes have 1 song, which includes a special act called Making Drama where the singer/s is able to give the audience a message through a particular routine/action. It makes more sense if you search online for it, I promise! Oh, when entering Puri Para if the girl is younger (like Lala) they get transformed into a few years older version of themself (which from Mireille's look can be altered to whatever they want it to be. The only one who looks the same in real life is Sophie).

Lala with Puri Ticket
Whereas the earlier PR series use prism stones for costume change, Puri Para uses Puri tickets. Still not 100% sure how they work but they work along the same line, plus you can share them with friends by giving a smaller version of the ticket, which I think is so that they can see that particular performance, and possibly wear the same outfits (don't quote me).

Sweet Nao
So what do I Nayu think it's about? Well....friendship is at it's key. Lala's best friend is Nao, who had her Puri Ticket taken... It is rather crazy that Lala's headteacher is ridiculously anti-Puri Para, a virtual(ish) land where only those with Puri Tickets can enter. 
Crazy headteacher with her vacuum cleaner which she uses to get the Puri tickets
The headteacher confiscates them at every chance she gets - technically it's not forbidden for girls' Lala's age, but the headteacher is very weird. Lala spends a fair amount of time escaping her headteacher, who unfairly has taken to stalking Lala at her home, which is a pizzeria. Don't panic! Thankfully Lala's funny sister Non helps keep Lala's Puri Para activity a secret...for a price, usually signed tickets and the like. The rest of the time she is a normal little sister! 
Sisters wake each other up early in the holidays...

It's sweetly odd that Lala, usually loud, sings super quietly in 'real life', but in Puri Para her voice is incredible, so incredible it's been called Prism Voice. Undoubtedly there will be much more along this storyline, but for now I'm super eager to see how Mireille & Lala manage to get Sophie, the top idol, 
Sophie in concert...who reminds me a little of Beru in PRRL
to join up with them as a group. Sophie has a side to her which may surprise viewers, and is one I can't wait to see unfold. 
Sophie is sophisticated when in public, but when she's herself is someone rather different...

Time's up for me, I'll continue rewatching episodes 1-8 until 9 & others are released. I suspect I'll blog about them soon too!
Lala singing - I see a lot of this!

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