Friday, 29 August 2014

Nayu's News #141: Inspired Muse

It's the weekend - whoohoo! I'm putting this up in advance because I need to take my pain treatment of Ketamine tonight. I think it's been about 7 weeks since the last dose, which is the longest I've gone without it this year. Come back wonderful heat wave! So tomorrow will probably be spent baking cupcakes to get rid of excess energy,
Cupcake time!
  scheduling up a whole load of reviews
 (less energetic way to get rid of my hyperactivity, which can be productive),
'I love this book because...'
  and reading.
Lost in a book (or 3...)
  Or something else. It always makes me antsy, but it's worth having the edge taken of the pain. Plus I don't have to do it in hospital any more! Yay!!! 
Home is far more comfy, involves no travelling (so less tiring)...and doesn't look like this, but is an option I only dreamed off a year or so ago.

Anyway, last weekend was awesome. It was super long due to a national holiday on the Monday, and me taking Thursday & Friday off work because I was going to stay over at a friend's. 
Me being brave
It involved going on the evil Motorway, something I don't enjoy, but was better than 2+ hours on the backroads, which is my preferred way of travelling. Given that my journey with 2 stops was 2hrs, the backroads would have taken 3-4 hours...

I had loads of fun with my friend! We chatted a lot about books, 
We discussed children's books, young adult, new adult, favourites, ones we'd like to try...
played with her cute bunnies
Mine are of the stuffed variety.. friend has live ones!
I even taught her to crochet!
Remove one girl, switch the knitting for crochet & you have an accurate pic!
It's so fun doing craft with a friend!
I've never taught anyone before, so it was a learning experience for me...especially when I realised I'd been missing out a crucial step! By the time I left she'd made 2 small squares which may not have been exactly square in shape but they were a great effort for a beginning. Hopefully she will stay hooked! She's already going to make her friends crochet bracelets as presents (using beads). Yay! I love encouraging craft. 

Sleepy Nayu...
Being social, the long drive and staying 1 night was tiring, so I did rest well once I returned. The reason for this post's title is that ever since I stayed with my friend, Muse has been energised to the nth degree. 
Time to write! Let's write! Squeeee!
She is bouncing off the walls, compared to her usual quiet sulky self who communicates with a lot of glaring and poking.
Whatever her mood, Muse is always cute!
By watching Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, 
Scenes of Rhythm performing Prism Jump Macaroon Spin
Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, 
Otoha isn't as shy as she looks
Top Idol Mizuki being Mizuki, showin her pretty aura
 and only just being aired Puri Para (or however you spell it. Pri Para doesn't like correct to m because the Japanese prounciation of Pri is Puri) 
Lala is wearing a Wonderland outfit!
Muse & I are editing my wip full of energy. We've made it past page 3 & 5 (something which I never thought would happen). I'm cutting a fair bit out, adding some new material in. It's all fine tuning which is super fun as Muse reveals layers to the story which I hadn't known were there. 
I didn't know that!!

Today I haven't written at all, despite it being my day off. Wednesdays are a time to rest for me, so that's what I've been doing. I read all morning (3 books in total) 
Reading. Don't disturb me.
I meant to watch anime after lunch, but simply had to finish the book I'd started.
Just a few more pages....
Then I watched anime! Puri Para is my current favourite - sadly there aren't heaps of episodes out yet, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it! 
Lala gets cute outfits!
Lala is full of energy and inspiring all who see her, including me, to keep striving to the top! I will be a published writer one day! I will have my name on the front cover of books that will be in your hands!!!! 
Muse hates me telling her to stop getting me carried away!
 *Ahem* Muse makes me get carried away, honest! 

Once I've finished this post and helped with dishes I'll be rewatching some Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream & Aikatsu! Hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you end up doing.

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