Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Nayu's News #137 Happy Muse, Happy Writer

"Yay!" Cooperation works wonders.
Today I've made my grumpy-sulky Muse smile. Not that she'd confess to that. After resting most of the morning with anime, as I had a routine hospital appointment this afternoon (went fine), I came back and was determined to write. 
"Let's do this!" aka writer on a mission
Muse didn't disappoint. We had a blast together, I'm at the stage of editing where I'm reading through for convoluted sentences, checking I haven't left anything out. It's fun being at the stage of tweaking it, instead of writing from scratch. Muse remembered something she'd told me a while back, which I hadn't written down at the time. Thankfully her persistant nature got the message through. 
"I'm so wonderful!" Muse is wonderful, but plase don't tell her that. She's big headed enough as it is!
I'm hoping to sneak some writing in after work tomorow, but it is my first full day back after the flu virus so I'll have to see how I'm feeling. Either way, a happy Muse makes a very happy Nayu!
 (Yes this post was done in just 10 minutes - whoohoo!)

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