Friday, 11 July 2014

Nayu's News #134 Ramadan 2014 Post 2

A clue about the subject of today's post
Nearly half way through Ramadan, the time is flying by! Last week's Ramadan post about what I'm doing in Ramadan is here. For last year's 2nd Ramadan post about what I get up to (which applies to me this year, & is less tiring because I've done it a lot more since last year!) as well as info about all the Prophets (May God bless them all) click here
I listen to the best 'melody' of life ^o^

I'd planned to write a semi-long post, but now that I'm scheduling the post I need something quick and easy. Ramadan is about fasting, appreciating what you've got. I'm showing you the plants that I'm growing. 
I'd love to be a florist, but hayfever & other things keep that occupation in my dreams

Here are my two African violets which I have had for many months & not killed them. God is certainly giving me daily miracles where they are concerned! 
Here's a previous picture of them in all their glory!
 They were flowering, and had more leaves but they were dying so I pruned it...
...and stuck a leaf of each in two more pots, which you can see in the middle two pots here. I think this is how you can grow some more plants from them, which I'm eager to do so I can give them to friends.
On the left is the water guzzling mint plant which is a new addition. I'm topping it up daily! 

Water links in with last week when a lack of water led to being sent home early from work, which also links to Ramadan when many Muslims fast and forgo water from sunrise to sunset. Although it was an inconvenience not to have water, I did spare a thought for those whose water supply is not quite non-existent, but certainly isn't plentiful or always safe to drink/easy to obtain. 
Something to think about!
We all have problems which are huge to us - just because they are different problems, doesn't mean they are greater than other people's. For some, water is their biggest concern. Whatever the worry, I believe God listens to all thoughts/prayers regardless of faith. If you are religious, you might like to include water needing people to your prayers. If you aren't, maybe thinking happy thoughts that people will donate money to charities who help provide clean water where it's needed.

Helping others makes your own heart shine

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