Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bing: Something For Daddy by Ted Dewan (Children’s, Picture Book, 10E/10E, semi short 'n' sweet)

May 2014, HarperCollins Children's Books, 32 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Bing is making something for Daddy. He loves his daddy as much as he loves making shiny, feathery, sparkly things. But Bing will have to be very careful with that big bottle of goo…

Nayuleska's thoughts
I fell in love with Bing in his 2nd book, so jumped at the chance to read his 3rd adventure. It is as hilarious as I expected it to be. Bing, along with his best buddy Flop (the one holding a yellow feather on the cover) create artwork for Bing’s daddy. Big has fun sticking things on with glue. As usual with Bing there is a slight mishap, but it’s not the end of the world which Bing gets told so he doesn’t worry about it and carries on having fun.
I think this adventure with Bing will encourage readers to get creative, to make things for their fathers (& other family members too). The brightly coloured large illustrations are fun to look at – you may have to look away after a while on one particular page where Bing’s mishap has a dizzy-making effect. 

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Suggested read
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