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White Chocolate Cherry by Graylin Rane (Paranormal Romance, 10E/10E)

The cover was too suggestive for NRC
 May 2014, Graylin Rane, 51 pages, ebook, Review copy

Themes: grief, family bonds, tragedy, accidents, gods, chocolate

Content: traffic accident scene, strong adult romance scene x1, tissues needed

Summary from Graylin's website
Julia is getting ready for work, her camerawoman and best friend Amy by her side, when a notice is left at her door. She’s been chosen to receive a sculpted chocolate man picked personally by Eros to fulfill her romantic and sexual needs. While other women would jump at the offer, Julia is torn.

It’s been three years since she lost her beloved Jorge after twenty-five years of wedded bliss. How would she explain a chocolate man to her six kids? Anteros is carved perfection, luscious, and gorgeous with a surprise for her. He loves books and discussing history, he backs away when she feels a loyalty pull to her lost husband, respects her devotion to family. Time and patience pay off as Julia slowly opens her home, her body, and her heart.

Nayuleska's thoughts
I know I'm starting this review biased because I know Graylin online and, despite the mature content, I love the themes explored in her books. However, this truly is her best book ever! There's so much love for Julia from her family. They all care for her happiness, which hadn't had a chance to shimmer since her husband died. I loved the close-knit friendship she has with her best friend Amy, who is sometimes inappropriate but pushes Julia when Julia won't push herself. She learn how much stronger she is since her husband died, something that others knew but it took a near tragedy for her to realise that.

I cried so much in this book, both for happy and sad reasons. I enjoy books that make me cry because they strike a chord with me somehow. I enjoyed how Julia was 50 rather than in her 30s, how she wanted to take things slow and get to know her new guy - that's sort of something every heroine in this series shares, they all have an issue to overcome that makes the end sweeter - but Julia wants to spend time with him and really know him before doing anything vaguely intimate. I think it's partly because of her age and life circumstance, and I respect her for making that choice. I'm eagerly awaiting the next in the series!

Find out more on Graylin's website.

Suggested read
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Again cover a bit too suggestive for NRC so this is meant to be an irish cream (non-alcoholic version!)

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