Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Snapshot by Robert Swindells (Young Adult, Dyslexia friendly, Reading Age 8, Intended Age Teen, 10E/10E)

January 2014, Barrington Stoke, 72 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Themes: birthdays, photography passion, robbery, family life, hounded by the press

Content: some violence, murder, lots of thrills,

Summary from Barrington Stoke
Victor didn't mean to do it - he was just taking some photos. He couldn't know he'd capture a robbery on film. Now the perpetrators want the pictures back... 
Nayuleska's thoughts
Squee! The only way this book could have been more awesome was if the protagonist was female. I didn't want any interruptions while I sat on tenderhooks. I wanted 'stuff' to happen (stuff being parts of the plot I refuse to say as it would be a spoiler), and when it did I wasn't disappointed with all the drama! I was a bit surprised by Alfie's family's reactions, but I guess they were scared. They had every right to be, only not for the reason I thought. That reason was an awesome twist which I'm sure Alfie was glad he didn't know all of the facts until after the event.

Suggested read
For another dyslexia friendly thrilling read check out The Fall by Anthony McGowan (Young Adult, Intended Age 14, Reading Age 8, 8/10E)

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