Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nayu's News #112 Pain + Peaches + Ponies + Bakeries = Today

Today (Tues, since I started this before midnight but ended posting after midnight)  has been full of lots of things. Pain, unfortunately, has been an issue. I'll be doing another dose of ketamine this weekend because the potency of the dose I took nealy 2 weeks ago has turned out not to be brilliant. I usually have a dose every 5 weeks. I was warned that some patients notice a drop in pain relief if the ketamine is used outside the recommended date of disposal once opened, even though the only access is via a needle rather than a lid. I didn't think twice about using the 10ml vial for a 3rd treatment until I realised last week that it didn't seemed to have the usual effect.  Woke up Monday morning nice and early at 3am with my pain - which is everywhere but mainly in my legs - making itself known to me. When ketamine works I still have strong chronic pain, but it is more managable.

I will not be trying to squeeze more than 2 doses out of a vial again! I must wait until the weekend to retake it because I need the full 3 nights and 2 days to get over the immediate side effects, and I work Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri. I'm extremely thankful to God for having some meds which actually work. This is a welcome reminder of how far I've come over the past year and a bit. Pain is all encompassing. It is draining emotionally and physically. I know that, and with my daily fatigue I'm used to it, but I haven't missed the feeling that it's unbearable which is where my current pain is heading.

Please note this isn't written for attention purposes. I do mention my chronic illness, chronic pain and constant fatigue from time to time simply so any of you with similar issues know you aren't the only ones enduring more than the healthy have to deal with. 

Peaches! Peaches are yummy. I make a smoothie most days, full of some veg, mostly greens eg this week its lettuce, and fruit. Last week I got a mango and added it in to my staple smoothie base fruit of apple and orange. It made the smoothie a little creamier and taste really nice. Now, fresh mango isn't the cheapest thing to have. I get my fruit and veg from an organic farm. I opt for organic food where I can because with my health issues I want to give my body the best nourishment. Recently I'd spotted my family using tinned fruit mixed in with fresh fruit. That sparked off the peach idea, which had me buying 2 cans of peaches (different types), a can of pineapple, mango, and cherries. I'm going with the thought that most of my smoothie is organic, non-organic won't kill me, and not all my other food is organic. I will try the peaches in my smoothies tomorrow, but I suspect they will prove to be a success. My part of my family's store cupboard will soon be full of canned fruit! I hadn't got any of the frozen mixed berries which I have with plain yogurt for a pre-bed snack out from the freezer, so I opened a tin of peaches! I drained the syrup put then rinsed the peach slices in water a few times so I had a little less sugar from the peaches. 

The ponies part of today came from season 3 of My Little Pony arriving in the post! I buy in the US, send it to a friend who then posts it to me as a gift to help reduce the customs fee which I got lumbered with when I sent it directly to myself from the online store. I have to order from the US as the UK store doesn't readily stock the latest season. The store will never sqy that its a gift, as to them its merchandise. With gifts customs seems to have a different import tax policy. I don't do this very pften, and it is only for low value goods so I don't feel too bad about a) doing it and b) telling you.

I watched the 1st 2 episodes which, as ever, are a double bill. Unlike season 2's starying eps which I can never watch again due to the freakiness, season 3 is very watchable! I'd forgotten that later in the series Twilight becomes a princess and gets wings! I remembered when I saw the clip of the film Equestria Girls which takes place between season 3 and season 4. So excited to see how that all happens!

"All mine!"

Now for the  baking part of today. I didn't bake, as it is too energy consuming. I did buy a raspberry and cream filled pastry for tomorrow, but that's not the main point. I've discovered that my preferred light reading is either ballet rereads or, and I have a healthy stack of these on my Kindle yo get through, adult fiction about women setting up their own shop, usually a bakery/cupcake store! The plots aren't stressful, they are easy to follow, inspiring in that it gives me more enthusiasm to follow my dream of getting my children's books published, and are about cake!! The plot structure so far is similar for all the books I've read, which in itself is a comfort knowing what will happen next, unlike most of my requested review books whose plot could and mostly does go off inunexpected directions. I welcome that, but when I'm tired and full pf brain fog I want something familiar, which so far these baking novels are providing.

 So now you know why today = pain + peaches + ponies + bakeries!

All pictures are taken from online searches and the quotes are mine. 

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