Friday, 13 December 2013

Nayu's News #99 The Power of Anime

I've had a happy week!
What with ketamine treatment at the weekend, and meeting up with friends for lunch on Wednesday, this week has been a tad busy for me. I'm so glad I took today (Thursday, which is when I wrote this post in advance) off to recover! 
Here's Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf sleeping - I've wanted to do what she's doing a lot this week!
I've been watching the awesomely cute anime Aikatsu! a lot - it's upbeat, free from enemies, the world doesn't need saving - light and fluffy with quite a lot of character growth. 
Ichigo is upbeat, acts firsts & thinks later - and loves food!
Just what I need to rest up with! Anime which makes me smile is always a hit 
Best friends Aoi (left) & Ichigo have a laugh together
I'd love to know what you watch when you need something light and fluffy! It doesn't have to be 'light' - after all, Twilight is my 'go to' movie, and that's not traditionally a light series....
"What counts as light & fluffy for you?"

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