Thursday, 14 November 2013

Stars: Stealing the Show by Laura and Luke Jennings (Children's, 8 years +, 10E/10E)

 August 2013, Puffin, 224 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Themes: boarding school, performing arts, 4 tightly bonded friends, high spirits, a new furry friend, nerve wracking auditions, teachers with feelings, supporting each other, revelations that dramatically change everything, understanding emotions, keeping secrets

Content: some not too awful teen romance, lots of tense moments, lots of laughs, a few tissues needed

Summary from Puffin

The second book in Stars - the brand new performing arts boarding school series for girls of 9+. Stars has all the warmth of Cathy Cassidy and the behind-the- scenes detail of a dance-world-insider. 

Dreams are made and stars are born at the Arcadia School of Performing Arts.

Jess, Ash, Spike and Foxy are four best friends, all dreaming of becoming stars . . .

Nayuleska's thoughts
 I'm blown away by this second book in what is turning to be an incredibly gripping series. The suspense had me eyeing the clock wondering how late I'd need to stay upt to finish it (Finished it before bed time) More so than book one I was captivated by all of the emotions Jess and her friends went through. The plot twists were shockingly unexpected, I was gobsmacked at the incident which rocked Jess and co's lives, it didn't seem possible, and yet it was...sort of. 

I loved how the usual drama of boarding school was thrown in - or in the case of one used ballet shoe thrown out the window! I forgive the teen romance in the first book, this series is a keeper, a definite reread with friendship at its core. You'll need tissues because I cried at how much Jess understood what Spike thought without words. Ash is a lovable idiot, Foxy is her usual self, and Shannon - I love her! Not an entirely mean girl, and that's all I'm saying. Go read it!

Suggested read
Find out where Jess’s journey starts in book 1, Stars (link to follow, Children's, 8 years +, 9/10E)

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